Use PracTutor to help your kids master English and Maths!

PracTutor is an online, personalized, fun way to learn, practice and master Maths and English for students in Grades 1 to 8. It was established with the aim of helping students in Maths and English to hone their skills and attain mastery on one topic at a time. “This needed to be achieved in a way that best appeals to the student without boring or frustrating them.” says Hardik Parikh, the CEO. He adds, “We have made sure our learning is adaptive to suit each student’s needs and it is fun with a game-based environment. We are creating tools to break the learning into small components that are easy to understand and master.”

Hardik started working with Tata Consultancy Services after he finished his computer engineering. He worked as a Java programmer and SAP consultant on two different projects for 3 years. He later started emPower ( to provide compliance training solutions to US healthcare organizations. “3 years later, I am working to create a portal to help K12 students in the US learn English and Math in a different way. Game on!!!” he says. Hardik has been joined by Chetan Parikh as the Managing Director and Vatsal Ghiya as the Director.


PracTutor is an online platform which does “three simple things to solve three stressful problems.”

  • Children can learn at their own pace,
  • Children will have access to various methods that are most conducive to learning for him or her,
  • Most importantly, teachers and parents can intervene meaningfully when the child needs help and get involved in the child’s education.

Hardik says that finding the right people and preparing students for their future success is challenging. On future plans, he says “We are working on deploying new features in our system which will make the life of a teacher/parent much easier as he’she can monitor the students in the easiest way possible.” There are plans to provide more comprehensive assessment solutions as well:

• PracTutor Common Core Test-packs with personalized feedback.
• Diagnostic, formative and assessment tools.
• Real-time reports with diagnosis and much more.

Tenmarks, IXL and Achieve3000 are some of the competitors for PracTutor and have been in market for a while now. Teachers, Parents, Principals and district heads are PracTutor’s target users.

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