OJOO Turns the World into a Play Ground

Imagine if we had the power to recreate our own world or pursue changes according to our wish. The incredibility has a chance now! OJOO lets you create a virtual world the way you want it to be.

It is the platform to create location-based games & tours, inside & outside buildings. It lets you create, play and sell games with an easy drag-and-drop technology. It is also featured to add locations on the go; you can even add questions / puzzles / pictures to it and publish on all different stores with the push of a button. Everybody can start playing the real life game immediately.


Peter Symons, Lies Permentier and Thomas De Wulf are master minds behind OJOO. Peter is a social media, tech and marketing fanatic. OJOO is the brainchild of Peter and prior to this, he has founded the famous dating website TWOO.COM.

“I am an educator; I made a lot of city games and educative games but had a hard way to digitalize it. Geocache only has a very basic way of creating stories with latitude & longitude. Now we have the Smartphone where we can do all in one: save location, add media and directly publish on other phones.”- Peter Symons.

OJOO makes it excitingly easy for teachers, Boy Scout leaders, parents, guides, companies, event organizations, and museum to create digital versions of their tours, video/audio guide and city games.

The tool helps to create location-based games, just as WordPress gives the tool to create a nice website. Thankfully, there is no internet required to download the games in OJOO. To add, customization level is not seen on a global scale, it can customize the full design, audio to the client’s needs. Tours and games can be created both indoor as well as outdoor.


Communities like Geocache and storytelling platforms such as actionboud, 7scenes, guidigo serve similar of creating the stories and games.

The product will roll out by next month. This year it will focus to get some more funding to accelerate growth and global roll out of the product.

It is a Freemium model! OJOO aids in creating basic games without any charge. If you want more features and customising options, you will have to pay a small subscription charge. Playing games is free is free as well, some games require an in-app purchase.

Startup Dope Readers’ enrol now to get  free subscription for a year.

To know more, visit: http://ojoo.com/





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