Cloist Makes It Easy For Students To Find Internships!

There are practically no graduation courses these days that doesn’t demand for internship experience. It has become a very crucial part of your educational journey as it helps you apply all your classroom theories to real work applications. Internships offer students valuable knowledge and learning that is not possible to gain even if they go through multiple textbooks or lectures.

However, the problem is that many students find it extremely tough to find decent internships. Also, the existing portals are clunky and requires filling of numerous redundant forms. Thus to solve all these problems, there is soon going to be a kickass online application in town called Cloist. This app finally offers a platform where employers and students can meet.

Cloist Makes It Easy For Students To Find Internships!

Meet The Geniuses Behind It All!

Ideated and co-founded by Alex Pate, Ben Brehaut, Daniel Derrick and Winna Ebimalo, Cloist is your best chance at getting your dream internship.

All four co-founders are final-year students from the UK. They met each other while studying for the same degree course (Web Design) at Southampton Solent University.

Getting Rid Of Clunky Internship Sites!

About 75% students undertake at least one internship during their course. Cloist is here to cater to this huge market. It finally offers students a platform that will help them find internships. With this app, users no longer have to use current posting sites that are really clunky. The team through Cloist wants to simplify the whole process of linking students looking for internships and companies.

The Driving Force!

“We’ve all undertaken internships, and have all had similar experiences regarding clunky websites. People always say stick to what you know best. We’re student web designers, and this seemed like a really good opportunity to put what we’ve learnt over the past few years into practice, but also more importantly, to try and shake up the market!” says the team.

Cloist Makes It Easy For Students To Find Internships!

On Road Blocks & Competitors!

Getting companies involved was the team’s biggest challenge. Further, the team was also stuck in a sticky loop wherein the students would be unwilling to use Cloist if there are no job posting and employers are not going to post if there are no students.

The market for internship sites already exists and is pretty massive. Thus the app has some really strong competition from enternships, inspiringinterns and milkround. That’s not all; the app also faces potential competition from some bigger companies as well as job portals like Reed, Monster and Indeed.

One The Journey Ahead & Target Audience!

“At the moment we really want to roll out through UK. I think it’s at the back of all of our minds that there’s the possibility to start exploring other countries with this, but at the moment we’re sticking with UK”, says the team.

Since, Cloist is mainly dealing with internships; the target audience is mainly students aged from 18 to25 from UK. However, even users who are not students can use this platform to look for internships.

The Monetizing Model!

“Asides from standalone posting fees for employers, we’ve got a couple of other ideas which are under wraps for now! I think obviously it’s important to think about monetization in terms of the future, but for the moment we’re in a fortunate enough position that we can focus purely on getting our MVP launched”, says the team.

In simple words, this app is here to make a powerful difference in the lives of those that are out there seeking internship opportunities. So stay tuned folks because the launch date for Cloist is not far away.

Psst… Special Offer For Our Readers!

If you are an employer from UK, then the team was kind enough to offer you free postings on their site from now to up until they launch.

To stay posted on their release and to know more about the app, do visit:

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