Organize your projects the way your mind works using Subtask!

Michael Partheil recently graduated with a degree in Mathematics. He says, “While writing my Master’s thesis, I used mindmaps to structure my thoughts but couldn’t find a software that also allowed me to treat the nodes in the mindmaps as tasks I had to work on: I couldn’t assign deadlines to them, comment on them, attach files etc. ” This motivated him to build a software called Subtask.

Subtask is a hybrid between a mindmapping-tool and a project management software – You structure your whole project graphically as a mindmap where the nodes in the mindmap are tasks, with sub-tasks, subsub-tasks, and so on. Then, you can use standard project management features like deadlines, comments, file attachments etc. directly in the mindmap in order to organize and successfully finish the project. Thus, Subtask solves the problem of  organizing complex projects in teams using a graphical solution based on mindmaps, and hence allows you to organize projects the way your mind works!

Plants - Mind Map

“I use mindmaps a lot in order to organize various things.” Michael tells us. He was always bothered about the existing mindmapping software focussing largely on something like brainstorming, but not on project management. “What I wanted was a combination of mindmapping and to-do-list. Because I couldn’t find anything like this, I built it.” he says.

The biggest challenge was to “ship it”. There is always a scope for improvement as far as a software is concerned.  But at some point one has to decide to ship it! “If you are a perfectionist like me, then this is really hard.” says Michael.

Michael considers Mindjet, which offers a mindmapping software plus some project management features, a competitor, but he feels that their software is “extremely bulky and hard to use”. Basecamp is another competitor that targets similar group (small teams and companies) but “nothing visual”.

“Subtask is going to be the leading project management tool for small teams!” Michael confidently tells us. When asked about monetization, he tells us that it’s a Freemium-model with monthly subscriptions.

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