Osom.us Helps You Discover New Music

Music is leaving the confines your iPod and fast moving into the cloud. Internet radio stations or paid subscription based services like Spotify have accelerated the shift amidst the backdrop of improving internet infrastructure. But what hasn’t changed is the process of discovering new music, which remains just as uncertain and arbitrary.

A radio station can’t learn your music preferences and customize the playlist accordingly. Also, you have probably felt the desire to share a radio station with your friends every now and then but got turned-off by the cumbersome process of texting frequency numbers! Now there is a new app that can help you not only discover new music but also allows you to create your own online radio station that can be easily shared around!



The web based service which was recently made available to the public, is called OSOM.us. It was developed by a professional DJ with the idea to help people from all over the world express themselves through music and become a DJ for their friends in the process! They have also deployed a unique crowd sourced intelligence engine to learn your music preferences.

Although OSOM.us initially catered to the fans of Techno music, it has managed to grow a lot since its conception and now offers several other modern genres like Drum & Bass, Deep House, Tech-Trance, Glitch-Hop, Electronica/New Disco, and many more. With over 1.5 million songs made available through the app, you can really delve into the depths of the your favorite music genre.  The songs are hosted on YouTube and metadata is pulled from Last.FM and finally made available to the users through their music search engine on a beautiful and intuitive app. Sign up now!


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