Papermine: Build Digital Booklets To Zing Your Contents!

Papermine was set up in early 2012. With the launch of the beta version, it reaped over thousands of users and millions of page views. The impeccable tool has the power to embellish contents.

Papermine is a brand new web application to create stunning digital booklets. It offers the bloggers, publishers and SMEs a complete self-publishing tool, to create, curate and distribute high impact content cross platform. Papermine booklets support rich media content, which can be customized with glorious design themes and monetized via lead generations’ tools.


Meet The Co-founders!

Karlo Kukavicic, Marco Muccini, Max Jacob, Gianluca Fontani are the creators Papermine. Karlo, the CTO and Max, a proficient web architect decided on enrich the content world with glaring interface. The insight for upgrading the not so great reading experience available out there conceived Papermine.

With thousands of blog articles, Facebook posts, Tweets and an inbox full of spam, it is getting harder for the average person to get their message across.

“We envision that somewhere down the line, when our company scales, we will need to move our business to a more fertile environment and this is always a challenge.”

Capture Its Features In A Nutshell!

Papermine help to create digital booklets. The work is simple, create – curate – publish –and share. The contents get richer in Papermine by embedding videos, galleries, articles, maps and CTA’s in one click.

Your booklets are accessible from any and every browser with no plug-ins and tantrums for software download, thanks to html5 and JavaScripts.

Papermine works on cross devices. To add to that, all the contents are indexed with Google analytics integrated within. The digital booklets can also be embedded with websites and blogsPaprmine provides each booklet with a dedicated web address that can be embedded in websites, easily distributed via email or shared on social media. . The booklets are search enabled specially on social networks.

With Papermine, the content update is dynamic and happens in real time. The users also have a privilege to access contents offline, download each booklet on their mobile device directly from the browser (no App store needed) and conquer them.


The Market Footholds

There are some tools out there in the market who stand as contenders for Papermine.

Issuu the converts PDFs into a flippable format, but simply takes something created for print and make it available on the Web. While, Papermine helps you create content that is built for the Web from the start, therefore making your reader’s experience great on every device.

Flipboard is a tool that imports external webpages, Papermine in addition to this does content-creation/publishing tool.

Papermine gives the users the privilege to control their own design. It also lets you define how everything looks, and keeps it that way across devices and orientations (on smartphones and tablets).

It is aiming on outreaching in US and Asia content market within 24 months. The goal is to gain over 500k users by the end of 2016.


The Monetization Model

Papermine has sketched out four revenue streams which includes
the subscription fees for Pro and Enterprise plans, a premium services available for the user base, marketplace revenues and of course the advertising revenue sharing join the list.

Punters For Papermine!

Authors, bloggers and content enterprises who are looking forward to create a new reading experience are the prime users of Papermine.  So far, users from all over world, majorly from EMEA and Chine have approached in millions.

‘Startup Dope Readers’, the exclusive offer is one month’s free trial with in-built pro plan. So go grab it!

To know more, visit Papermine


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