Pixentia Solutions Helps Bridge The Gap Between Industries & Academia!

The transition from the laid back campus life to the responsible professional life can come across as a cruel blow to students. You can no longer ‘bunk’, catch that matinee show or laze around in your favorite coffee shop for hours. By stepping into the professional world, you are suddenly put on a fast lane wherein everything demands your punctuality, commitment and dedication. It is a rude awakening and we do not blame you if you are suddenly feeling overwhelmed.

Well to make this very transition easy for students there is a new startup in town called Pixentia Solutions. It is here to help and mentor students so that they can fit into the professional world with ease. That’s not all; it also helps businesses connect with academic institutions in order to scout for amazing fresh talents.

Pixentia Solutions Helps Bridge The Gap Between Industries & Academia!

Meet The Change-Maker!

Ideated and founded by Sasidhar Kalagara, Pixentia Solutions is here to bridge the gap between industries and academia.

His team comprises of young engineering graduates sharing their bright and fresh innovative ideas. Their cumulative passion for innovation, succession and timely deliverable is what makes the company a fine example of a successful startup.

In addition, through Pixentia Solutions, the team wants to provide industries a way to evaluate student behavior, track student performance and facilitate social collaboration.

The Inspiration!

“We wanted to integrate Social Collaboration to bridge the gap between Academia & Industries so that they would be a smooth transition for a student into the work culture. We wanted to design a software that would evaluate student behavior and also track their performance in order to groom them towards succeeding in their academic and carrier goals”, says Sasidhar.

Pixentia Solutions Helps Bridge The Gap Between Industries & Academia!

On Hurdles Faced & Competitors!

Like most startups, the startup was faced with challenges like inadequate finances and getting quality resources. Further, in terms of competition, Blackboard, Moodle and Fedena do pose as potential competitors. This is because these are already established businesses having more revenue to spend on research, marketing and hiring valuable resources.

On The Journey Ahead & Target Audience!

“By the end of 2015 we would like to see ourselves at the top or if not, in the top 3 SME’s. In the long run we would like to be one of the businesses to be read about in the Forbes magazine”, says Sasidhar.

At the moment, Pixentia Solution is mainly targeted at enthusiasts, developers, general audience, academic institutions and all types of businesses.

The Monetizing Scheme!

The team is planning on generating revenue by incorporating a pay-per-click model across all their verticals. They are also planning on monetizing through CPM advertising, text link advertisements, affiliate marketing and monetization widgets.

For more details on the app, do make it a point to visit: www.pixentia.com

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