A New Flyer App Is Helping Reduce Tons Of Wasted Paper Each Year

Discovering what’s going on in a city has just become much easier, not to mention greener.  A recently announced launch of an event poster app allowing users to see things to do on local flyers and posters is keeping them plugged into live music dates, local lineups, and fun events all while reducing carbon emissions from paper processing.

Many of us use the community wall at our favorite local coffee shop or music store to look at posters and local event flyers.  Now that has come into the digital age.  A new event flyer app allows users upload flyers and posters announcing events with the camera on their phone.  It’s easy to check out events that are happening city-wide with a zip code search inside the app as well.  Live music, parties, fundraisers and more can all be found in 2 taps. If its happening in a city and there’s a flyer for it it’s welcome on the poster app.


Art Nouveau poster should be viewable on phones and now it is.  It turned out to be a completely addictive experience, and it’s helpful on the environment.  Each year 100,000s of trees are cut to create paper pulp for event posters and flyers.  Using smart phone technology and innovative apps, a new type of environmental company is emerging.

According to the creators of the art poster app, uploading and viewing flyers and posters is completely free.  It features a filterable calendar and a local poster search engine to make it useful for many types of users, event goers, and poster artwork enthusiasts.  Apps like PosterVents open the door to fun days or amazing nights in the city with very little planning and simple access to an iPhone or Android device.  Apps like this one is the first step in a strategy of minimizing consumable waste due to coordinating events with the public.

Reviews for apps like this one show users really appreciate the increased functionality and decreased real world consumption waste.  Most enjoy the graphical nature of the flyer art.  It can be a completely addictive experience.  The artist in all of us can now admire the work that local poster makers share.

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