PrestoDoctor is a safe and sure way to get your medical cannabis recommendation

There are over a million medical cannabis recommendations in California alone, but it’s quite likely that there are millions more people out there who would benefit from cannabis if not for the stigma of going to a “weed doctor”. PrestoDoctor is the natural step in the evolution of the professional cannabis industry –they are showing the world that cannabis has evolved, and even if you don’t want to be seen walking into your local clinic just yet, there is now a safe and private solution. PrestoDoctor was started after the founders experienced the pain of waiting in lines and filling out paperwork at their local cannabis clinics. After taking time off work for an appointment that was almost an hour late, they decided it was time for something to be done. Online telehealth is a growing industry, and the people at PrestoDoctor decided it was about time to bring the medical cannabis industry up to the current state of the medical industry. So now you can get your recommendation from the comfort of your own home in 3 easy steps: (1) sign up for an account and complete your profile, (2) then choose an appointment time (same day appointments available) and video chat with one of our licensed physicians, then finally (3) receive a digital recommendation immediately, and your official copy arrives in the mail 1-3 days later.  It includes an appointment with licensed M.D., an official recommendation* (embossed with gold seal), an NFC-enabled Photo ID Card, exclusive discounts and offers, and access to Presto Insider Club™.


Kyle Powers is the founder and CEO of PrestoDoctor, and proudly considers himself a technologist, startup enthusiast, and a cannabis connoisseur.  He has a history of working at leading mobile payments and enterprise software companies as well. Rob Tankson III is co-founder and the COO of the company, and he’s a marketing genius and business guru with money on his mind, not to mention that he out-hustles the hustlers. He also worked together with Kyle in enterprise software, and has a past history with Google and multiple startups.

Most companies in the medical cannabis industry don’t take user privacy and security seriously, so the guys at PrestoDoctor decided that it’s time to build a modern, safe, secure, and private online platform. They also are HIPAA-compliant, so you have absolutely no need to worry about your medical documents leaking to prying eyes. Perception is a big deal in the cannabis industry. A lot of companies out there look very amateurish – so Kyle and Rob wanted to help take this industry to the next level. Unfortunately, there is a still a lot of negative stigma associated with medical cannabis, so it’s very difficult to get bank accounts, credit card processing, and so on for related businesses. Even Google won’t let you advertise with them, because cannabis is viewed as an “illegal drug”. But the PrestoDoctor team is working hard to turn this perception around and help the world see the value that cannabis can bring to people’s lives.


PrestoDoctor focuses on clean design, ease of use, and privacy – also, their customers love them! They strive to be the best in customer service in the industry.  Meadow is one competitor – which has basic service that will send a doctor to your house, or give you a doctor’s Skype username (not HIPAA-compliant). No Photo ID cards, and lacks the convenience and security of PrestoDoctor’s online platform. Another is HelloMD – which offers a similar service, but lacks Presto Doctor’s Smart ID cards which enable instant verification at dispensaries and collectives. And then there’s EazeMD – which is tightly integrated with the Eaze delivery service, requires you to have an account with Eaze. On the other hand, PrestoDoctor offers a universally-compatible recommendation service. Also, EazeMD does not provide ID cards. Now compare those with PrestoDoctor – which offers same day (near instant) appointments, instant recommendation delivery, a free Smart ID card which will auto-verify and check you in to partnering dispensaries, HIPAA-compliant safe and secure storage of your medical documents, recommendation and card sent in a discreet package for maximum privacy, and finally, same-day shipping to get your official copy fast (others can take over a week for delivery).

Right now, PrestoDoctor is only accepting new patients in California. But they plan to expand to other medicinal marijuana states soon, and are also talking with dispensaries and delivery companies to ensure a seamless end-to-end process for customers.  They love all of our users – experienced cannabis enthusiasts coming back for their renewal appointment, or people who have never tried cannabis before. Their doctors are knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and strive to give you the best information on how cannabis can help you. Younger generations love the convenience and speed of the PrestoDoctor platform, as it allows you to get through the process with minimal interruption to your day. And older users love the platform because it is easy to use, secure, professional. They welcome everybody, young or old, new or experienced with cannabis, to try it out. PrestoDoctor makes money by collecting a percentage fee per appointment, and charges dispensaries for the verification and customer on-boarding technology platform.

Using the STARTUPDOPE promo code will get you $4.20 off your appointment, but it is limited to first 100 uses.  And for recommended reading, there’s Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana by Michael Backes, and Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America by Bruce Barcott.

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