Property owners, use Avollio for Simplified Management

Real Estate is quite a nebulous field with activities involving a wide variety of disciplines like marketing, HR, finance and data strewn across CRMs of the sundry agencies involved. Construction projects are becoming extremely complex – legislation and environmental pressures mean businesses need to ensure that their property portfolio operates as efficiently as possible. As a property owner looking to start a building project, you and your team need to spend more time analysing data rather than finding it. Avollio is a platform for building better buildings through efficient information management.

avolio-mainAbout the Startup

Pascal Rieger and Ian Thompson met in 2013 and went on to combine their field of expertise to create Avollio. Ian is an architect in the UK and worked in the fit-out industry helping clients build their restaurants and cafes. He says, “My clients were facing difficulties to get the information they needed to make good acquisition, design and construction decisions and stay in control of the information produced by their design, construction and operations teams. I tried various ways of managing this through various software solutions but in the end decided to tackle the issue myself.” Pascals’ background in IT and Design, ensured that the ideas were successfully coded to beta phase.

Avollio gathers data from various sources and adds a mechanism to collate, share and analyse it.

About their Plans

“We’re progressing through phase 2 of our beta program, integrating more features and building an API to connect Avollio to file storage providers, email, calendar and accounting systems as well as other online service providers”, explains Pascal. The company is raising funds via supplier partnership and advertising to bring in more talents and build brand awareness.

Avoillio is aimed at retail and leisure operators in the UK with a national or international property portfolio to manage. “These users work with architects, engineers and contractors and so by default we hope to grow our user base into those markets as well”, adds Ian.

The service is available on a monthly/annual subscription basis.

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