Hood Helps You Mingle With Your Neighbors!

Our modern day lives have turned us into some serious busy bees. We are so caught up in our own routine that we often fail to form any connection with our neighbors. Further we are also in complete denial of all the good stuff that is happening in the neighborhood.

Well to help you with this very situation there is a new app available in town called Hood. Rightfully named, this app will help you know thy neighbors better.

Hood Helps You Mingle With Your Neighbors!

Meet The Power Team Behind It All!

Hood was ideated and founded by Francis Sean.

Francis is a UK based tech enthusiast with a background in investment banking. He has a passion for mobile apps and social networks. Francis founded Hood as he noticed that there was a deficit of apps that connected people in neighborhoods.

He along with a team that consists of Kirk Ded and Tomi Agboola bring various talents to the table. They perfectly complement each other in terms of skills and have the capacility to catapult their start-ups success.

Know This App Better!

Hood is a social networking app which acts as a modern day social notice board for your neighborhood. It allows people, who live in the same location to connect, discover and share.

Through this app, the team is trying to solve problems in areas of social capital and lack of communication in neighborhoods. It also provides a platform for local authorities to connect with residents.

What Inspired It All?

“I had some unwanted stuff I wanted to give away some time ago and noticed that there were no local platforms to share information with people in my neighborhood. I saw a gap in the market for mobile app that connects neighbors”, says Francis.

Hood Helps You Mingle With Your Neighbors!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Like most start-ups, getting the word out there about Hood has been the team’s biggest challenge. Also, raising funds for a social-based start-up is always a challenge as the investors prefer investing their money in revenue generating apps.

In terms of competition, Nextdoor and growInf pose as direct potential competitors as they have similar models. However, Hood is more mobile focused than their competitors. Also, this platform is much more easy and open to use.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“We are very ambitious and have a global growth plan. We are currently active in Europe with a view to expand and go global”, says Francis.

At the moment, Hood is mainly targeted towards people that desire to be active in their local communities. Nevertheless, people of all ages can greatly benefit from this app.

As far as monetizing Hood goes, the team is planning on doing so via premium subscriptions from local businesses and advertising.

So quit waiting around! Download this app from your app store right now to instantly connect with your neighbors as well as to stay updated with all events and fun stuff happening in your neighborhood.

To know more about Hood, do make it a point to visit: www.thehoodapp.com

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