Create Powerful Checklist & Manage Teams Workflow With Process Street!

Ensuring that every team member is on the same page with regards to various processes is crucial for the profitability and success of a business. As a SMB, it can be a herculean task to keep every team member in the loop. You may think that relying on certain planning tools would be the ideal option. But unfortunately, unlike the ‘big dawgs’ in the market, upcoming businesses don’t have the luxury to buy and use management software that is sophisticated and expensive.

Thus to address this very issue, we introduce you to Process Street. This is your go-to tool that allows you to create free checklists and procedure documents in seconds for business. This tool indeed provides SMBs a powerful way to manage their team’s work. With Process Street avoid having the same repeated mistakes from happening over and over.

Create Powerful Checklist & Manage Teams Workflow With Process Street!

Meet The Dynamic Duo!

Process Street was conceptualized and co-founded by Vinay Patankar, CEO and Cameron McKay, CTO.

They met at a hostel in Buenos Aires. Vinay was leaving the USA after shutting down his previous startup and Cameron was on a holiday. Vinay pitched Cameron the idea and 6 weeks later Cameron moved to Buenos Aires. The duo lived in Buenos Aires for 9 months building the product before being accepted into AngelPad.

A Unique Idea!

Process Street is a SaaS platform that helps SMBs create and track processes using super-powered checklists. It is the simplest tool ever made to manage your teams procedures and workflow. This software helps you boost the productivity of your team and allows you to get everyone on the same page.

Companies are losing money every day due to inefficient processes. The particular pain points within inefficient processes we are targeting are – training, communication and quality. Process Street is a procedure and workflow management tool that improves these processes for Professional Services teams. It can also simply and quickly create structured procedure documentation that can be spun off into checklists and executed against collaboratively”, adds the team.

The Driving Force!

It was Vinay, who came up with the idea for Process Street while running his marketing company. He was searching for a product to help him run his business with the features of Process Street, so he decided to build his own and solve his own problem.

Create Powerful Checklist & Manage Teams Workflow With Process Street!

On Road Blocks & Competitors!

Like most startups, the team did face numerous hurdles along the way. However, their biggest challenge was prioritizing product development. Further, in terms of competition, Microsoft, Google Sites, Wikipedia and Basecamp pose as potential competitors.

However, unlike its contenders, Process Street has different technology and UX. Further, none offers content management like the team does. Also, the tool is structured, non-clunky and cost effective.

On The Journey Ahead, Target Audience & More!

“Our aim is to have over 100,000 SMB customers using Process Street. We have just finished AngelPad and will be raising our seed round”, says the team.

At the moment, the tool is mainly targeted at small and medium businesses in the US and around the world. Also, when it comes down to monetizing plans, the team is presently sticking to a freemium pricing model.

To sum up things perfectly, Process Street is here to make various processes in a business intelligent and efficient.

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