Promote your business on social media using Market Mi

Do you want to promote your business on twitter and Instagram? A team of  four friends from Quinnipiac university, each with unique skills, have started Market Mi, a social media marketing website that provides you the “easiest way and safest way to monetize your social media accounts or broadcast your message through social media influencers.” Market Mi connects your businesses to Twitter and Instagram accounts with specific and substantial followings that will give you the best advertising opportunities. “I see many social media accounts promoting clothing, jewellery, and other products and saw a unique market that could use an ad-network to guide the transactions and provide some security.” says Mitchell Trulli, one of the founders of Market Mi, which was co-founded by Zach Sobel, Mitchell Yawney and Joseph Sansavero.


Although the development of Market Mi had so many “moving pieces”, the founders are proud of the final product. “I had previously tried to advertise and promote my past company through Twitter and Instagram accounts targeting entrepreneurs. Although it did increase traffic well, the downside was transactions were sketchy, there was no protection or guarantees, and I actually got scammed a couple times. Market Mi provides the protection and guarantee that your tweet is posted effectively and on time, with a 100% money back guarantee.” Mitchell tells us. Although there are many outlets people can advertise through, such as ad-sense and other advertising networks, Market Mi is unique in a way because it allows one to purchase a social media influencer post with a lot of ease and protection.

On expansion plans, Mitchell tells us that they plan to expand into other social media outlets such as Reddit and Youtube in addition to allowing people to purchase rights for special events. For example, a clothing company can purchase the rights to have an artist wear their t-shirt on stage during their concert. There are plans of opening a marketplace where people can sell their whole social media account as well.

Market Mi’s target customers are startup companies looking for a cheap and effective way to gain brand awareness and increase traction for their company. It primarily targets clothing, accessories, and technology startups although any company can advertise through its network. “There are a plethora of fitness companies as well as weight loss and body scrubs that gain lots of sales through advertising with fitness models through our site.” Mitchell tells us.

Market Mi takes a small percentage off of the transaction, (3% – 5%) depending on the size and that’s the way they monetize.

“If you shoot us an email saying you read this article we will give you a comprehensive analysis of the most effective accounts you should advertise through.” Mitchell says.

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