NinjaOutreach Forte Is Marketing Knacks

The mushrooming of companies and out stating the ideas need a mouth of marketers to broadcast its luminosity. In fact, when the ideas are so great, it demands better marketing platforms for a grand outreach. By far, you were using buzzstream-web-based software to promote products and services and GroupHigh-helps to find bloggers.

Now, NinjaOutreach is integrated into a complete marketing tool. You can use it without having to switch tabs, export lists, and manage communication in your email client. The digital marketing agencies, start-ups, and even small businesses who are trying to get press by working with bloggers and Ding blogger outreach regularly should confidently try out this one.

Mark Samms, Gurpal Thethi and Dave Schneider founded NinjaOutreach. They are a team of content marketers and business owners who were tired of using a zillion tools to prospect for influencers, message them, and analyze campaigns.

The Marketeer!

NinjaOutreach is blogger outreach software for digital marketers and small businesses interested in growing their presence online.

It is a complete CRM that embellishes prospecting, relationship management, and analytics and reporting. The search option enables you to find online influencers in your niche, see valuable data about them, connect with them through email and social media. It also lets you partner with the influencers to endorse your brand.


The Key Features

NinjaOutreach endeavour to merge prospecting and outreach together in a tool. It integrates all the features from different tools into a single process. From finding influencer to enriching the relationships with them, it lets do all these in a consistent workflow.

That’s not all, it alcoves the latest tweets, RSS Feed, additional contact information required for marketing. It also shows the number of social share for the website. It brings in special post and give-away through filters.

The work on progress is adding features to the product and growing a large database of bloggers and businesses, that will eventually turn into a web application

It is a monthly subscription model, with a tiered pricing plan depending on usage.

‘Startup Dope Readers’ can avail multiple one year licenses for NinjaOutreach, sign-up now at:


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