Quote and Quote Wants You to Create Timeless Wisdom with Words

“Brevity is the soul of wit”, Shakespeare said that and indeed, it takes a witty and highly observant person to pack so much in such meager portion of words that is a quote. Now, a picture is already worth a thousand words, so imagine if you can create posters that have the visual philosophy of a picture as a backdrop to the soulful summarization of a quote. Instant masterpiece! And I’ve been told that there exists a service which allows you to create your own masterpiece – Quote and Quote. It is a quote sharing service that asks people to reminisce, ruminate and condense any narrative from their life into “easily digested yet eternally savored” quotes. Why, that’s a quote about quotes right there!

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Quote and Quote was founded by Sissy Gavrilaki, who fell in love with quotes when she started designing and selling posters of her favourite quotes. Many of the inspirational, witty and sarcastic quotes she found strewn across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like were written by regular, non-famous people who inspired her to come up with the idea of creating a platform where anyone would be able to create and share their own eloquently designed posters, and be credited for their work.

Sissy soon enlisted the help of a talented web designer, Ioannis Malikoutsakis, who is also Quote and Quote’s co-founder, and together they started taking the concept further, refining its features and redressing its future. They knew right away that to create an enjoyable and yet technically robust experience they would need more developers so, John Makris (front end developer) and Stefanos Karassavidis (back-end developer) were also inducted in the team.

How does it Work?

Quote and Quote

After creating an account, you can create and publish your own quotes. The quote creation page is pretty feature rich with options for selecting categories, sub-categories, text formatting, and choosing a background image (you can upload your own as well) for your quotes. You can do some advance typographical designing by using text layers (click the plus sign next to the text box to add a new layer) where each layer can have different formatting and could be dragged around individually. The fonts offered for use are great but there’s no preview so you have to try out each of them before you can find the perfect font. Nevertheless, it is a great tool for creating posters: much simpler than Photoshop.

“Quote and Quote is still in beta so there might be some bugs which will be resolved soon”, assures the team.

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder

“The brilliant words of everyday people are lost in the online universe, hidden behind the words of famous personalities”, Sissy is convinced that everyone has something beautiful to offer in terms of word-ly wisdom and this is evident in the quality of quotes generated at her website by its many users. Signing up is free but Quote and Quote plans to offer paid membership for writers and businesses looking to create promotional content and brand awareness.

To start creating your own quotable-printable-poster-quotes, head over to:






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