Prospxt helps businesses focus on sales processes

All too often, great companies never achieve their goals due to a lack of focus on their sales process. The reason Hubspot is a $100 million dollar company and Moz is a $25 million dollar company owes to a focus on scalable sales processes. The goal of Prospxt is intended to help founders achieve their goals with a simple, opinionated approach to inside sales development. The company was borne out of founder Justin Dennis’s experience in startup growth and experience managing sales development teams. Justin was formerly the VP for Growth at Breezy HR and VP for Sales at Aptvue, and he has led inside sales and inbound marketing teams for 8 years – driving revenue growth for SMB-focused software companies. The biggest hurdles for startups are finding a proper niche, sales and talent. Prospxt provides a sales process and sales talent for products which they think have market niche.  Since being founded in March of this year, they have been growing their client base 100% each month, and expect to have a $400,000 run rate by November – so it’s they’ve obviously found a niche of their own.

CJ0dSvtUMAIsq4YProspxt manages sales platforms for technical founders to achieve their goals with a simple, opinionated approach to inside sales development – and has achieved 100% growth month after month with zero marketing budget.  Among the competitors are Lead Genius, Growbot, and sales apathy – with Prospxt targeting founders, VP Sales, CMOs at an early stage software/SaaS companies providing solutions for SMB, AdTech, FinTech and healthcare markets. They are scaling a profitable monthly recurring subscription model.

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