Use Ozz, To Joggle Absolutely Exquisite Cocktails At Home

What goes into you is what makes out of you! Cocktails are the delicacies that I bet no one can ever resist. To make the drops of heaven,it needs proficiency. Now, amateurs like you and me can the whisk the marvel, all thanks to the Ozz.

Ozz is a glossy, sexy looking product to waggle the cocktail flavours. It turns the ordinary glassware into a blazing apparatus with a displaying rim. It is an ecstasy for those, who want to make cocktails at home.


Introducing the Makers

Joris van Gelder
David J Kleerekoper
Frank Boon

Joris van Gelder is an earnest product designer and inventor, aspiring to make magical products for everyday life. He was fascinated by elegant technology and physical phenomena since his early teen days. During his Masters in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology, he honed the talent to translate this fascination into an experience for others. Through a series of design-research experiments he developed his insights into an approach named “magical interaction”.

He also founded Ministerie van Nieuwe Dingen (Ministry of New Things), an innovation studio that designs and develops consumer products in house.”

The Elegant Product

Recently, Ministerie van Nieuwe Dingen has brought in the Ozz into the market.  Ozz winds along the app that works with a sleek phone case (the Ozz-device) and a Boston shaker.

The Ozz-device comes to life when one of the many cocktails in the app is selected. While the app suggests which ingredients to add, the glassware into which the liquor is poured in, lights up around the rim to indicate the desired quantity of that liquor. The app also tells how to finish and serve the cocktail perfectly.

The project started with a fascination for the phenomenon of total internal reflection. “I wanted to find out whether it could be used to display information in the rim of a glass. When the experiments proved to be promising we decided that making cocktails was a good application for the technology”, said Joris van Gelder-cofounder.

The Ultimate Solution

Making perfect cocktails calls for on apt wisdom on ingredients and their measures, which is not everybody’s cup of tea. Picking the right ingredients, pouring in the right proportions and doing everything in the right order are must to get that taste. A slight change in any of this can ruin its authenticity.

Ozz makes usual glassware intuitively smart. The divine technology turns the rim of the glass into a display. This gives users the information about the preparation process during the course action.  The solution is beautiful because of its elegant enchanting feature of total internal reflection, which ordinary glass already possesses but never honed.


Websites like kickstarter, the barman, b4rman and somabar also provide similar services, but I bet Ozz will sweep away the entire market.

Making It Large

The plan is to invest big and connect with different liquor brands. This one is just beginning of the most commendable technology. You can expect an enhanced cocktail recommendation engine to tickle for your taste buds. If the Ozz for cocktails is a success, feel fortunate to witness a similar device for cooking recipes.

Currently they are focusing on creating a large and lively user community. The revenue will be generated through product sales and in app purchases for extra recipes.

If you have a party-holic who has a grooving social life then Ozz will add charm to the aura. Ask me, I can’t miss on it!Go, take a look at now:

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