Get ‘Pushpic’ To Know What’s Going On Around You!

Imagine landing into an unknown world without any inkling of what’s happening, feels familiar? The murky situation cuts you off from the best things in the proximity. Waste no time, wonder into most anonymous place and checkout every bit of it with Pushpic. That’s not it, sit tight and get comfortable at home to find the best deals ever!

Pushpic is super simple yet a sexy platform that allows businesses to post the latest feeds to attract customers. The content is immediately delivered via push notification to the businesses’ followers nearby and discoverable to others that aren’t already aware of the business, unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Pushpic allows its users to keep up with or discover new content when and where it matters.Just get the push by the dealer and pick it.

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Teaming It Up!

Pushpic is co-founded by Lance Beaudry and Khizer Schon. Lance currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Khizer in Dubai. Lancer handles the front-end and design of Pushpic. Khizer manages the team and funds for the project. The other team members are operating from Munich and Tel Aviv.

The team is diversified and dynamic. Working in different time zones certainly presents its challenges. However, this also allows working almost around the clock and launching Pushpic in different markets.

“We thought a location-based snapchat would be a good idea. After we built it, we realized it didn’t solve any real world problems. So we pivoted after realizing that there is a need for time and space relevant content discovery. Specifically in retail and restaurant”, stated the founders.

The Key Features

The problem is Facebook lets you like many restaurants, but you cannot see a feed based on location. You have no clue what those places are up to and what they might have to offer you.

Pushpic is an incredible platform for both, business and users. For business, the owner can manage the profile. It enables to create and push the contents to attract the crowd out there. The users are notified with the feeds from their location. All the content is discoverable and searchable in the ‘Discovery’ section. If a user would like to save content to use it later, it will be saved in the ‘Saved Pushes’.

In spite of being a simple platform, the newly evolved concept is contagious. The users and businessperson are using it to receive time and space relevant push notifications for new content from their favorite places. Pushpic can be used anywhere in the world.

Foursquare, Yelp and similar businesses could be a threat as Pushpic is helping users to discover new places. However, it is competing with other startups out there, which is resolving the same problem like a young startup from Boston called, Howler.

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Work In Progress

“We are making status updates, pins, tweets, and photo-sharing from local businesses more relevant to customers than ever.”

It just launched the app on iOS and Android. Currently, it is registering the business that the users are coveting. With such intensification, it is indeed going to hit the critical mass within a handful of cities, in months.

Use It, To Know IT Better!

Pushpic offers premium features to the companies. All businesses can use the platform free for now. Just visit: and fill out a form and get pushed in no time.

Premium services would allow businesses to push content more often, send the push notification out to a larger distance, give the business more insight into their audience and their behavior, and so on.

It is offering the first 10 local businesses that use and promote Pushpic in their city, free premium features for a lifetime. Go grab it to have it!


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