Workbright makes it simple to onboard temp employees

Each year, US employers spend an astonishing $5.5 Billion on onboarding expenses and the average onboarding cost per employee is $103. For a huge company like Baskin Robbins, onboarding comes at a whopping cost of $11 million per year. WorkBright was founded in 2013 in Boulder, Colorado, when founders David Secunda and Arthur Nisnevich set out to change the experience of how companies onboard their workforce. Their vision is to create simple and intuitive HR technology that serves the needs of today’s rapidly hiring workforce. The need for a solution came from co-founder David Secunda’s first-hand experience of dealing with the challenges of hiring hundreds of staff each summer as part of his other business, Avid4 Adventure, which provides outdoor adventure camps for kids. As they grew to over 250 employees in several states, managing the hiring and onboarding process became a nightmare. Recognizing that not only was this pain common across industries, but that existing software solutions failed to recognize the unique needs of these employers, WorkBright was born to address the pain. In 2014, WorkBright was one of 13 companies of over 1,000 applicants selected to participate in the Techstars accelerator program in Boulder.


With WorkBright, you can onboard an employee from home, even before their first day of work; automate form correction workflow; eliminate data entry; automate reminders; and eliminate virtually all costs related to new hire paperwork. WorkBright moves traditional employee onboarding to a mobile first solution that workers complete before they arrive. We save you time and money on your onboarding so you can get back to interacting with people, not pushing paper. There are a few HRIS systems that have come out with Onboarding as a module in their overall solution, but a lot of them are simply task managers for onboarding and none of them are focusing exclusively on the contingent workforce (seasonal, contract, high-turnover). Their plan is to enter the market where the most acute pain exists as documented through numerous target customer interviews. Then, once established, they will broaden services across the entire employee lifecycle. So, basically the vision for WorkBright is to become the WorkDay of the contingent workforce – it’s not only a big vision, but a major opportunity as well.  The target audience is organizations that are hiring over 50 employees per year. That generally constitutes seasonal, contract, or high-turnover industries but there are a number of just rapidly hiring businesses that are growing so fast they need our solution. WorkBright is already monetizing and charging $15 per employee for under 50 employees and then at $125 per month for up to 100 employees and tiers after that.


“Seasonal, part time, contract and temp workers get no love. They are at the bottom of the pay scale and don’t receive benefits, but they are mission critical, otherwise companies wouldn’t bring them onboard. WorkBright not only serves those that manage these workforces, but our vision is to also make life better for contingent workers by facilitating greater cultural and workplace fit. “

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