Keeping™ lets you integrate your helpdesk with your Gmail account

Customer support is not an easy task! For their business to grow, Vincent Cassar and Dan Piché “needed a simple way for the team to manage customer support efficiently.” They wanted to reduce the time spent responding to requests, without reducing the quality of their answers. They looked at some of the external helpdesks but weren’t satisfied. They “didn’t like their complexity, their pricing and more importantly the need to migrate support emails to a third party provider.”. When Vincent and Dan talked to their fellow entrepreneurs, they discovered that they “weren’t alone”. Others had similar concerns. Thus they founded Keeping™, which is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Keeping™ is a team of dedicated folks striving to build the best way for small businesses to manage customer support.”Keeping™ is the world’s first helpdesk that works inside Gmail.” says Vincent. He adds, “It is a Gmail extension that adds helpdesk functionalities to any Gmail or Google App email accounts. It allows you and your team to manage customers support more efficiently directly from your current mailbox without having to use an external helpdesk.”


Keeping™’s solution provides all the benefits of an external helpdesk without having to migrate your support emails and learn a new system. And since it integrates with your current email account, it requires “no lengthy training and can be set up in minutes. What’s more, you’ll save time as the system suggests answers to repetitive questions!”

“Whether you are a team of two needing to share customers support inquiries or a larger team looking for a more efficient way to manage customer support, Keeping™ will work for you.” Vincent tells us. Keeping™’s target customers are those who are into B2B, with a team size of 2 to 20 folks. External helpdesk solutions like, Helpscout and Zendesk are its competitors.

“Figuring out how to juggle near term priorities (the day’s fire drills) with mid to long term priorities.” was a big challenge for Keeping™’s team. Funding, Engineering and Staffing have been its other challenges. Keeping™’s solution is in “private beta at the moment with over 2000 companies that have signed up.” However, according to Vincent, they should be able to open the gates for the public very soon.

Monetization is through SaaS on a monthly basis and StartupDope readers can get a “6 months beta account” free of cost.

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