SnapAppointments makes integrating appointment scheduling seamless

Businesses that are appointment intrinsic require scheduling and organizing, which may prove to be a laborious task. Building one specifically for your business can be time-consuming and resource hogging.

A startup SnapAppointments vows to help businesses add and manage scheduling, appointments and clients for your business since it began its operations.


Founded in 2011 by Brock Holzer, SnapAppointments lets you add the Scheduling, managing appointments and clients component to your business, so you can integrate the features seamlessly. Using a SaaS for a particular feature would make sense for businesses that rely heavily on it.

If your business is primarily service oriented, like booking a consultation service, Uber for massage and other possible use case scenarios, a major part of your business is already taken care of.

Your customers can book appointments online, schedule / re-schedule while not over lapping, thereby avoiding human-error. On the business side of things, SnapAppointments let’s you manage clients, generate business reports, automate appointment reminders sent to your clients and you.

Founder Brock Holzer says, “We built the service for business of all sizes right from startups to Enterprise, giving them the flexibility to customize, scale as their business grows, which not many services offer”.

Some of the features that SnapAppointments offers are online scheduling and booking on multiple locations, multiple users for managing, custom notifications, client management with access to previous records all-in-one place, accepting payments, exporting of customer data seamlessly.

Currently, SnapAppointments has expanded the features to include full permissions control, HIPAA compliance, unlimited business locations, and more. They have worldwide time zone support and a single account can have locations across any/all time zones. New locations and users can be assigned calendars/permissions and will be able to deploy in minutes.


“Our system also boasts enterprise-grade reliability and is built using the latest technology. While most of our competitors spent their first several years focused on sales and accumulating as many customers as possible while attempting to maintain a poor product, we went the other direction. We focused entirely on the product first and just now we are moving into sales. With thousands of businesses using SnapAppointments, we often go days at a time without any support tickets. This is incredible considering how highly complex appointment scheduling is – our product has to interface with both businesses and their clients and keep everything in sync across all time zones.” he added.

Expansion plans

Brock says that SnapAppointments offers the best-in-class security and reliability which makes them one of the few appointment scheduling solutions who will sign a BAA for HIPAA purposes.

They have have several innovative health care organizations, government contracts, including the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services who have been using SnapAppointments for approximately 12 months. They believe that they are stable at this point and aren’t looking for funding at this stage.

“We are certainly in a growth phase and, despite relying almost entirely on word-of-mouth and search engines thus far, we are revving up our marketing efforts by trying everything (like this) and seeing what works.”, he said.

SnapAppointments is launching version 2.0 of the API around April and they intend to begin focusing on integrating with other software already in use in the enterprise ecosystem.

They charge a monthly fee for service and also offer payment processing options.

To sign-up for their service, visit:

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