SOLVY-The Math Wizard To Intellect Your Kids

Learning mathematics has always been intricately daunting. I have known people who still defy from learning math. However, being strong in math is appealing. Research says being fervent in mathematics makes one intellectual. The brain exercise must be pursued. SOLVY empowers a full-pledged platform to brush your math-tactics.

It facilitates an out-of-classroom service where students can get comfortable with math. Students can learn independently, or they can connect with their school teacher and their classmates. The syllabus is very flexible, teachers and students will be able to add their own math problems.


Interfacing The App

The UI of the App is user-friendly. It’s easier for students to input the math formulas on the computer. SOLVY is go-getting a collaborative tool, where several students can group up to work on the same math project.

Furthermore, in case students are baffled on a problem they can depend on SOLVY to get help from a fellow student, his teacher or even a tutor. The tool also aid teacher on setting up and generating homework online lucidly. Students are pinged on their virtual calendar and will get notifications about the deadline in advance about homework’s to be completed.

On completion of the work students can submit it online, so excuses like ‘dog ate it’ and ‘hard disc crashed’ won’t comply.A parent portal is yet to be integrated, where the parents will be able to see the scheduled homework, past grades and study recommendations.

The learning curve has been much steeper than expected, but it just demonstrates that the education system doesn’t prepare individuals for a challenging environment. SOLVY has an impressive advisory team to guide the fellows.

So far, it has also become an indispensable part of the Singularity University Startup Lab program(


Learning It Interestingly

In schools, learning math is mostly ineffective and incompetent. The practice problems are based on unrealistic scenarios which baffles the students. Pupil these days prefer internet and practical ways of learning intellectually. The kids need to know the importance of studying math to be motivated and eager to excel the subject.

“We also want to tackle math stereotypes, often students feel and are told by their parents and teachers, that if you aren’t that good, that is absolutely fine, because after all ‘I’m a successful and I was never good at math’. It’s seen as socially acceptable, as not being able to calculate a 20% tip, I mean it’s simply dividing something by 5, we are totally fine with using calculator for that, it can get tricky at times”.

A challenging attempt though, it is a step forward for an intuitive world!

Curving A New Geometry To Learn Math.

It is relatively ‘new’ industry – EdTech. Preparation on Mathematics is mostly test-oriented and lecture-based. ‘Modern’ educational systems prepare students for the exams, but not for solving real-life problems. They also deprive students of an ability to try their own ways to solve problems before hearing a lecture about them. As a result, many students miss to see how mathematics can help them in the real world, so how can they be interested and passionate about it?

The widgets available in SOLVY lights the flames of students’ quest to learn. The students are handed the wand to create their problems to solve by helping each other. Indeed students will use this service to shape math the way they want to learn it

Market Space for EdTech

EdTech industry is very fragmented at the moment without any major players. Khan Academy is doing a great job, especially considering the fact that they are providing their services for free. Another company to watch in this space is TenMarks.

Features to come

“We are starting tests this winter in Northern California, and after our system goes public in Spring anyone from around the globe will be able to sign up and start using it.” -The Co-founder.

Teachers and students will be able to use the basic service for free.An added advanced paid features will provide exceptional values to students and their parents, but will not undermine their educational experience.Tutors could also be a source of income. Corporate partners may find sponsoring the math competitions attractive.
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