Roar at Sports Lion, Your Next Big Sport Hub!

Sport is one of the greatest entertainers of our time. With billions of people following one sport or the other, it only makes sense to have a fun app that allows users to bet casually, play free games online and get up-to-date sports news and trivia. Well the good news is that ‘Sports Lion’, the newest addition to the web world is giving enthusiasts just that and more.

Sports Lion

Meet the Architects of this Awesomeness!

Sports Lion was co-founded by Liinus Hietaniemi, Safeer Usman, Jonas Seemer and Juuso Turtiainen. The most prominent thing that they have in common is their love and passion for sports.

CEO, Liinus, has a bachelor’s degree (BA) in sociology from Harvard University and a Master of Science (MSc) degree in innovation, entrepreneurship and management from Imperial College London. He has previously worked as a product designer and marketer at Liinus is an all-round sports fanatic who has a varsity level background in tennis and junior varsity level background in ice hockey.

CTO, Safeer, was Liinus’ classmate at the MSc innovation, entrepreneurship and management program at Imperial College London. Safeer also has a Bachelor of Science degree in mechatronics from SRM University, India.

Co-Founder, Juuso, is a Master of Law student at University College London and a former competitive swimmer turned rower at UCL  while co-founder, Jonas, is a former sprinter who is completing his master’s in management at Aalto School of Business in Helsinki, Finland. He has over 2 years of experience as a management consultant.

As you can see, they are a dynamic group of qualified individuals that come from different backgrounds and bring their own set of expertise to the table. This to us is the right formula to make Sports Lion the next trending sports website.

“We love sports. We like to make casual bets with friends. Why not build an online platform around the concept?” the team on what inspired them.

More on Sports Lion!

This app is conceptualized to turn sports betting into a fun social experience that is accessible to people all around the world. However, do note that you cannot bet real money at Sports Lion so Roaring is not considered gambling.

For instance, if you think Chargers will beat Patriots then log on to Sports Lion and Roar (a Roar is like a bet but way more fun!) against a friend who you think is rooting for the Patriots. If the Chargers win, you get to steal your friend’s Lion points and move up the rankings. The loudest Roarers are rewarded with some really cool goodies and prizes.

sports fan lions hub

Challenges Faced by Sports Lion

In a start-up it is difficult to pinpoint on any one biggest hurdle. Start-ups face new challenges every day. Nevertheless this hasn’t slowed the team down as for them this is what makes their journey to success exciting.

What Problem is Sports Lion Solving?

“There is more to sport betting than the real money winnings. Yes, there are the hardcore gamblers who make or break a living with it, but a good share of sports lovers do not want to risk their money in wagering. Meanwhile, many sports fans would enjoy connecting with friends and other like-minded folks and find excitement in competing against them to see who the real sport experts are. This is the crowd who we ourselves belong to and who we are targeting. Simply put, we are making sports betting fun, easy, social and accessible,” says the team.

Who Do They See As Their Competitors?

Sports Lion has many unique features that set it apart from the cluster of sports apps. Close competition would be as it has a similar kind of sports network concept. However, their games are only a small part of what they try to offer. Another competitor could be, but they offer real money games, so they mainly operate in Europe.

On Expansion Plan and More

“Our next step is to build a mobile app. Our big vision is to become a global sports gaming network, where sports lovers can Roar (bet), watch and read on sports all in the same place. Essentially a hub for all things related to their favorite sports, leagues and athletes”, says the team.

Currently, they offer activities on ice hockey, basketball, American football, Premier League soccer, golf, tennis, figure skating, cricket and baseball. The site also has a Sport of the Day that changes from day or week to the next.

How they plan on monetizing Sports Lion? Well initially they will charge a subscription fee for premium services. These services are related to enhancing the gaming experience like creating an open Roar. They also plan on selling advertising space to companies in the sports industry in the near future.

For all you sports fanatics, do make it a point to check them out at:

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