Vidspoke Is Your Inexpensive & Quality Videomaker!

Making a video is an art and having a good one to comprehensively introduce your business is surely a bonus. However, creating quality video is a time-consuming and an expensive task. With most startups having a sparse budget, it can be close to impossible to have a beautiful video done.

Fortunately, you no longer have to stretch your finances to get a kickass video as there is a new online application in town called Vidspoke. This app offers users an inexpensive way to make quality videos in a jiffy.

Vidspoke Is Your Inexpensive & Quality Videomaker!

Meet The Man Behind It All!

Vidspoke was ideated and founded by Drew Williams. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with several years of experience under his belt. Drew is also credited for building online applications like Tweepular.

Know The Startup Better!

Vidspoke is all about providing users inexpensive tutorial, promotion, walkthrough, or a tool for creating a vlog for those who are camera shy. The templated format allows consumers to purchase time slots and submit a script with 50 words and have it filmed on green screen or a background of their choice. This online application is here is providing users with a budget service that does not cut corners and quality.

The Driving Force!

I wanted to create a kick starter video for a product but didn’t want to be featured in the video. I just wanted to explain the idea and the service in a way that would get the attention of viewers and people. I couldn’t find a service that was inexpensive and had a decent quality. As I was on a tight budget, I decided to create my own application. Thus Vidspoke was born”, says Drew.

Vidspoke Is Your Inexpensive & Quality Videomaker!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

As with most startups, getting the word out about the product and getting exposure for the service was Drew’s biggest challenge. In today’s crowded marketplace it was a task to get users’ attention to Vidspoke.

When it comes to competition, this online application has none in the market that poses as its direct competitor other than microjob sites. However, unlike Vidspoke, these sites do not guarantee quality.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“More options for video production as well as custom video work at a premium price is the next step in scaling the business”, says Drew. Currently, Vidspoke is mainly targeted at entrepreneurs and those who are looking for ways to capitalize on all the YouTube frenzy.

The Monetizing Model!

Drew plans on monetizing and growing the business by targeting different niches such as make-up and fitness videos. He also plans on venturing into various other markets in time.

Special Offers For Our Readers!

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