Swiiish Aids You To Harness Your Basketball Skill

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”- Phil Jack

Playing basketball is all about team spirit. The reckless game needs coordination and nimbleness. Nevertheless, it also requires profound skills to sustain in the game. Swiiish gives all the required erudition to become a skilful player.

It has divided the game of basketball into Nine key skills, and players simply choose one, and only one skill to endorse other nearby players as their personal recognition. With all endorsements quantified and categorized by skills, a player can simply tell how his team-mates and rivals evaluate his skill set.


Pinyi Zhou- the sole founder of Swiiish, worked in Bestbuy and an Apple specialize shop in Vancouver. He is a basketball fanatic, die-hard NBA fan, sneaker collector.

“I am in the cult of Mac. I always have a dream that I can make a product that could make the game experience better for everyday basketball player.

In official basketball games, skill stats is simply the biggest tool to evaluate a player’s contribution and performance. However, for those players who play for fun, they do not need to know exactly the stats counts but they want to know about their performances. Therefore, he tried to draw the concept of a socialized app that can quantify and visualize players’ game play performance with some simple peer-to-peer interaction.


 Swiiish is a free app! It lets the players evaluate their own performance in the game. It can help a team to build chemistry team-up different skill sets with different line-ups wisely.

Technically, those wearable gears for basketball players as smart basketball or the sensor powered shooting sleeve are the competitors of Swiiish but they are more like a pro-tool, while Swiiish is like a fun game.

Currently 6 of the 9 skills need to be unlocked with in-app purchase or friend referral.

The entire skill sets are unlocked exclusively for ‘Startup Dope Reader’. To avail it, login with Facebook and email at [email protected] and don’t forget to mention StartupDope!

To know more about it, visit: http://www.swiii.sh/


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