ClipUp Lets You Store And Organize Your Ideas And Projects!

As artists or professionals, we often stumble upon amazing ideas, masterpieces and sheer magnum opuses. It is through this assortment that we usually draw inspirations to successfully finish a project. Unfortunately, most of our carefully collected stuff are strewn all across as we are marred with the problem of not having a reliable system to have it all organized in one place.

Sigh! Wouldn’t it be great if we did have something that aided us in this feat instead of pinning it on some board at our workspace? Further, wouldn’t it be all the more amazing if we could easily accessible it from anywhere? Well your wait for such a luxury is finally over as there is a new app in town called ClipUp.

This app is here to save your creative ideas, notes and files so that you can focus on what really matters – finding inspiration and content to use in both personal and work related projects. Whether it’s a website, picture, video, note or audio file, this app is yours to store all of that within a beautifully designed, user friendly environment!

ClipUp Lets You Store & Organize Your Ideas & Projects!

Meet The Man That Runs The Show!

Conceptualized and ideated by Peter Fischer, ClipUp is here to give a much needed platform to collect all your inspirations and ideas in one place.

Peter have been an entrepreneur all his life. His first business was an online franchise guide, amongst other smaller projects. More recently he has been a Google Business View Photographer. It was here that the idea to develop ClipUp was born.

“Since I am always on the go I wanted to store my ideas quickly and in an organized fashion, but found nothing available to help me do this efficiently”, adds Peter.

He, together with his team of app developers, make a bunch of very organized professionals who are an expert in their own field. Obviously development took longer than planned, but everyone stayed on top of what they were doing.

Know ClipUp Better!

Modern technology was supposed to make our lives easier but instead we are deluged with thousands of files, breathless demands, and hectic schedules. ClipUp has created a new and improved organization app for iPhone an iPad. The App was originally developed for people who are ‘on the go’. However, it is benefitial to anyone in need of organizational help, memory assistance, and creative inspiration.

ClipUp helps you save time, save space, and helps you to improve the quality of your projects. It allows you to easily collect and share photos, videos, notes, audio notes, websites, locations, and more. With this app, all your important ideas—from home redesigns and hair styles to family memories and business projects—can be organized together in one place, according to your particular needs and goals.

What Problem Is The App Solving?

ClipUp stores and organizes your ideas and files. Whether they are photos, videos, notes, audio files or a website, this app will save it inside a visually appealing interface. It can be used to store, organize and share your files, as well as remind you about deadlines, appointments etc. The app’s visuals make it work equally well as a modern portfolio used to showcase your finest work as a designer, artist or photographer.

ClipUp Lets You Store & Organize Your Ideas & Projects!

What Inspired It All?

“As the founder of ClipUp, my idea for the app came from a personal need – to save various types of information related to the projects I’m working on. While a few popular tools are available which allow us to do that sort of thing, they often feel too cluttered by features many people never really need or use – and that gets in the way of handling our tasks quickly and productively. ClipUp is meant as an easy to use, user friendly app”, says Peter.

On Challenges Faced & Competitors!

There are many challenges one faces in a new project. When the team started with the development of the app, they hoped to have things finished in 3 months but it took around 6 months to have everything working properly within the app. Also when Apple came out with IOS 8 there were features within the App that stopped working properly and the team had to go back and update codes.

Further, another road block on the way to success was getting the word about the product out in the market. Getting downloads and rankings within the app store still seem to be a continuing challenge for the team.

In terms of competitors, Pinterest, Evernote and Curator, pose as potential competitors to the ClipUp. This is because all these apps also aim at collection and organization of ideas.

Expansion Plans, Target Audience & More!

Currently, only the iOS version of the app is available for download. In the future, the team also wants to launch an Android version of the App in order to increase and expand their user base.

Also, at the moment, ClipUp is mainly targeted at just about anyone who wants to have an app that helps them to organize ideas, photos, videos, etc. on individual boards. The app is useful to anyone who gets this information on the go and wants to quickly store it and easily find it when need be.

In addition, revenue generation is needed to sustain an app. Thus ClipUp is a paid app and the team also has a fremium version that is an in app purchase.

To sum everything up perfectly, ClipUp is here to help you keep track of your ideas. With this app stay organized, stay inspired and increase your productivity.

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