FamePeak Meets Your Platonic Needs For The Artists

Artists are beautiful illusionists, who meet subconscious needs. However, finding such veiling flairs is like digging the pricy trinkets out. Well, the good news is, recently we have excavated a treasure of talent. It’s called FamePeak!

FamePeak, the website exclusively features the lost talents around the US. It gives artists a platform to promote rare knacks where patrons can  avail the tints. It features many skill categories like art, photography, design, music, and the likes. Wondering what the perks are? Every week, the artistes and their talents are elected and highlighted on the home page to draw people’s attention.

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Marina K is the sole founder of FamePeak. A fresh college graduate Marina has incredible innate entrepreneurial spirits. She holds deep passion for the arts, especially music and photography.

The idea of the start-up tinkered when Marina wanted to present a portrait to her friend on her birthday but realised that finding the right person for the job was a herculean task. Therefore, a social platform for the lot with an artistic bent of mind was a perfect inspiration!

FamePeak is making way for the underexposed, yet, most gifted people around the world. The interface is solely featured to market the uncommon skills at an affordable price. Besides marketing them on the website, it also projects them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages with direct links to their profile on www.famepeak.com

FamePeak competes with Etsy and DevianArt simply because they have played it longer in the market. But, few years down the lane, be certain that FamePeak will catch it’s fire and rule the forum.


We expect something so splendid that it will soon expand itself to most of the cities in US and worldwide. Enthusiasts, talent seekers and, of course those that want to be in the spotlight can use FamePeak to reveal themselves.

It is a subscription-based service that offers three kinds of memberships- silver, gold and platinum. A subscriber can choose either one of these depending on what their goals are.

What’s in for our readers? Avail two months of platinum subscription free and a 7-day feature on the homepage as well as the social media pages.

Go ahead and take a look at it http://famepeak.com/

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