Voice Out Your Incredible Entrepreneurial Stories In Teamstory

Talking about start-ups and entrepreneurs, I have come across some appealing stories on them that could even trigger  the nit-wits. Living through their chronicles and learning from mistakes can make you a game changer! Teamstory is here to narrate the unknown epics created by initiators.

Teamstory is a networking site for start-ups and entrepreneurs. This inspiring entrepreneurial community lets you share moments, quotes, links and thoughts from the upcoming tycoons. You can discover and connect with other awesome entrepreneurs around the world with clicks and shares.


What Else Can It Do?

Teamstory lets you upload photos that capture your start-up moments and culture. You can share meaningful thoughts and quotes about entrepreneurship. Interacting with other entrepreneurs by giving and receiving likes, comments, and constructive feedback is also featured.

On Teamstory explore other start-ups and their moments in the ‘Discover’ section. Search, follow and connect with users within the community. It enables chats with people around the world via messaging.

Know Their Story

Kevin D.H Kim, Freddy Hidalgo-Monchez and Justin T. Lee are the young co-founder of Teamstory. They are seasoned entrepreneurs who have learned from several successful and failed ventures and gained experiences in working with big companies like Google, InVision etc.

The college dropouts met on a side projects while attending University of Waterloo in Canada. Kevin handles the Design and Front-end of the while Justin & Freddy are working on iOS/Android/Web development.

The team has a perfect product sense and know market or sell the product. They for sure know how to run the show!


The idea to start Teamstory tinkered from the curiousness about new start-up ideas. “We kept asking questions like Is it just us that’s going on this crazy rollercoaster ride or are there more people like us out there?” But they couldn’t really find a exclusive home for founders and start-ups.

Outlining the Teamstory

On Teamstory, you tend to bump into the like-minds who share common desire to swirl their ideas. Apart from that, you can learn and exchange solution to your problem by others experiences who have crossed the same tunnel. Just get inspired from the virtuoso.

It is possible to attain global connections to outgrow your start-up in Teamstory. It abridges the gap between start-ups and entrepreneurs. It creates a sense of belonging and backing by building a great global community of founders.

Teamstory is built solely for entrepreneurs so no SNS clutters to find tweets and follow a lot of work like how we did in Tweeter.

Teamstory competes with Somewhere.com, otelic.com and teampics since they focus on a niche market of teams, work and start-ups. However, for the past year, Teamstory have been releasing new updates 5x more than these competitors have. It is also drawing the core users that vouch for it to other entrepreneurs.

Spreading It Across

The next big step is getting into smaller & rising cities in North American and Europe. Then venturing into Asia where start-ups are coalescing.

After the critical mass is peaked, the revenue plans are huge. The fiscal goals can be attained by timeline sponsored posts ( In-App Purchase),  team Accounts, private Feeds for organization as well as events, affiliates and partners for events and products, widgets for external website etc. The product is free to download for iOS here!

To know more, checkout the website: http://teamstoryapp.com/


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