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In the movie American Psycho, Patrick Bateman is consumed with one-upping his colleagues for having the most exquisite business card (“My God, look at that subtle off-white coloring and the tasteful thickness!“). He is also consumed with despicable, criminal thoughts but let’s not digress! The point is, having a good business card to go along with your company ethos is essential to stand out these days.

Simple as it may sound, printing a decent business card is a hassle most have gone through. You have to navigate unrelated product-plugs and confusing “starting from” pricing–obstacles that Goodprint is here to tastefully out-print!


Goodprint is a UK-based online printing company and has existed since 1992 with the track record of shipping 180 million business cards. After being acquired by Tangent Communications in 2012, it was completely overhauled by a new team of designers, marketers and developers who are excited about starting an online print revolution leveraging the long-established Goodprint brand.

The service seeks to simplify the often confusing process of purchasing business cards online. Businesses can choose from a selection of designer templates with their choice of lamination (matt or glossy finish), cutting (sharp or rounded edges), double-sided printing and free global delivery for an all-inclusive price of $14.99 (£9.99/€12,99). 

According to the company spokesperson, Ferren Gipson, Goodprint walks the middle path of providing cheap pricing and high-quality design/printing. “It is the best of both worlds!”, she exclaims. “Right now we’re focused on business cards, but we will certainly be opening up new products on the site. We want to be responsive to the needs of our customers, so what comes next is really up to them.”

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