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The world needs developers, and the coding industry needs professional developers who are better at coding knowledge. An efficient way to supply the demand is by providing valuable training, this was the thought that led Fabio Cicerchia to start DXpertise.

DXpertise is an IT training courses aggregation platform that allows the developers to find the best courses available on the market. Making it easier for the developers finding the coding platform they are comfortable (languages like PHP, Python, Ruby etc), while having the freedom to experiment with any platform they choose. The platform was made by developers for developers with the aim to increase the knowledge level of each other, to make the industry better, more challenging, more qualified, more satisfying and more fun.


Fabio Cicerchia, the founder, is very passionate about DXpertise (which he considers as his hobby as well) as programming and web development are something he considers close to his heart.
He has a background as web developer with over 10 years of experience, he built the website from the ground up: from the technical planning and design to the first MVP (Minimum Viable Product). At the moment he is focusing as well on non-technical aspects such as marketing, sales, accounting, and others aspects related to DXpertise.

“Everyone is focusing now on online courses, and a lot of people are creating new courses everyday claiming to make everyone a developer or teaching them real skills, but the quality of their content is often poor and the knowledge you get out of it is not what you expected”, says, Fabio.

For this reason, the idea of aggregating training courses in physical classrooms came in to being. Fabio thinks that the face-to-face approach is the best one in terms of results as the know-hows are directly passed on from the instructor to the student directly, which would last longer.

Fabio feels that there are many websites providing courses, the demand and the offer of the market is already out there, there is only a need to gather them, process them and help the students finding their choice of coding platform, while focusing on the quality first.

“At the beginning, it was difficult to fit in roles which weren’t my primary one. I was totally fine being a developer so I had built the product with no difficulties, and it wasn’t too difficult doing the design and the graphic parts as well. Once I finished the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), I took the role of a salesperson, I needed to equip myself by reading and understanding some techniques to adopt the right mindset. I definitely needed help and couldn’t do everything on my own when I started dealing with accounting and law.” he added.

Two of the main competitors for Dxpertise are Course report and Find courses. Their competitors are not focused on IT courses alone, Dxpertise targets the niche market of developers and aspiring ones. In conclusion Dxpertise is a marketplace which is better structured, as well as a whole new platform to discover courses, handle booking, payments and scheduling (sessions and lessons).

At the moment they are expanding their coverage in UK, as they have providers in London, Bath, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“Soon we’ll start to expand in EU covering the major cities, such as Madrid, Rome, Paris, Berlin, etc.
Then we’ll open our door to the rest of the world”, adds Fabio.

Fabio Recommends reading:

The Passionate Programmer is a must-read, it opens your mind and gives you so many ideas.
The series 97 things every programmer should know (but the other volumes as well: software architect and project manager)

Their target users are software engineers, web developers (backend and frontend), art directors, designers, architects, testers, sysops, devops, more generally all the people involved in the design and the development of software but also people who want to be part of that process and be involved in the development.

Free for end users, commission based for providers.

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