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If you have an idea that makes you daydream all the time, run the test cases first, to nail it !!

ValidStartup provides a platform for entrepreneurs to build the products, people desire to use. To be generic, Validstartup is a aligned to develop the start-ups, it help wholehearted entrepreneurs to rapidly and cost effectively launch customer ready start-ups. Entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups can avail it to check the realism of the idea before profusely investing lifetime in it.

The Idea and their Journey.

Degerhan Deger and Irem Yallagoz co-founded the ValidStartup with their business development, marketing, user experience, designing and coding skills.“We came up with the ValidStartup while we were on a travel app called Oniva App.”

The idea with Oniva was to enable travelers to uncover the travel recommendations without having to ask for them. However, at due course while  pitching the idea at start-up events and to some investors, they noticed that entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups really build their products/services in isolation from users, due to which they faced problems while find the clients

Check before you invest !
Check before you invest !

Loopholes mend by ValidStartup

Entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups build their products/services in isolation from users. There are 3 issues with this process:

Potential users are not involved or observed .These products are being build for some target audience, however when entrepreneurs start building products they ignore their users. They think if they build it users will adapt.

An non iterative process – Entrepreneurs work on a single unit, ‘the idea’ .

The process is not affordable in terms of time and money.

This is why ValidStartup is indispensable .It works to include the target users in the process and get their feedback. Then, based on this feedback it iterate the entrepreneur or start-up’s idea. After pivoting the idea a couple of times, at the last stage focuses on rapidly shipping the first public version of the idea! What makes it great is, unlike agencies or incubators; ValidStartup offer these services at an extremely affordable price!

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Major Competitions

Application development agencies and incubators are the main competitors. However, ValidStartup offers complete market research with a focused, flexible and affordable process, which others fail to offer.

Plans on Monetizing it

The cost demanded is on the basis of project.

  • The Full Solution will take you through the whole process, where the Customer Development Journey, Design & Prototyping and Coding is done for you thoroughly .
  • In Service Based Solution, Let’s say that you’re a single non-technical entrepreneur and you just want to know whether there’s a market for your idea without investing a lot of time and money. Then, it will check the Customer Development Journey for you and find out whether your idea is something people desire to use/have. Similarly, you can reach out regarding individual Design & Prototyping and Coding services.


so kick start your start-up and don’t forget to fortify it .All the Best !!

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