Teezr Lets Your Send Messages With a Tease!

The way we message has evolved leaps and bounds over the last decade. From tidbit voice recordings, funny emoticons to much more, the features offered by popular messaging apps are galore.

Well just when we thought that the way we message couldn’t get any better, a new app called Teerz surprised us all! With this app you can now ‘tease message’ your friends, family and that special one (yes dirty minds you got that one right).

All you have to do is take a picture, add your censor, set a timer and send it away. Those who receive your picture will have to wait until the timer reaches zero before the censors will be removed. Once the second timer reaches zero, the picture will be gone forever. That is of course if they don’t take a screenshot! So go on, tease away your contact list and have a ball of a time!

Teezr Lets Your Send Messages With a Tease!

Meet The Man That Runs The Show!

Teerz was ideated and founded by Joe Dandachli.

Joe was born and raised in Austin, Texas. His family is originally from Lebanon before they moved to Texas. Growing up he was obsessed with computers, technology and cars. It was this passion that sparked his interest in learning and building his own websites at the age of 9. However, lots of Joe’s websites got shutdown because he didn’t have the funds for a good hosting account and would always exceed the bandwidth.

Since his passion also included cars, Joe started working at an auto performance shop that his brother owned. At the age of 18, he joined his brother to start a manufacturing company that they still own and run to this day. It has grown substantially from when the brothers had started.

“My passion for building websites never ceased, and I still build many websites to this day on the side. I recently got into app development as it’s just a whole new area that allows me to really put my passion and ideas together to share with the world. I have a few apps being developed right now with some already on the app store”, adds Joe.

Know The App Better!

Teezr is a mobile messaging app that allows you to send censored media or messages that becomes uncensored when the timer reaches zero. It is literally a great tease that makes messaging hilarious and totally fun.

With this app, you can spice up those messages, pictures and videos you send. By making the recipient get a sneak peak of what you sent fills them up with curiosity, suspense and surprise.

The Inspiration Behind It!

“There are lots of messaging apps out there, and lots that I use. They are all great and I enjoy them, but I wanted an app where I can tease my buddies on the new things I get, what I am doing, or a surprise I have waiting for them. Teasing is always fun and something we did often during our childhood days. I wanted to bring some of that childhood fun back into an app that can be used anywhere and at anytime”, says Joe.

Teezr Lets Your Send Messages With a Tease!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Having to hire the right developers to put the app together was Joe’s biggest challenge. He often ran into bad developers who would over promise but under deliver. Also, coding was not the only part that Joe was focused on. For him the user interface is just as critical as he like beautiful designs. Thus it is a constant struggle to make sure that all his apps come out looking and functioning just as he had imagined.

In terms of competition, any messaging app can be considered a competitor. However, Teerz seriously ups the fun quotient and offers users something different than all the existing messaging apps put together.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“Plans for developing the app for the Android market is in the works. We would then like to advertise to college students to help build traction and popularity. Next, we want to work with businesses and celebrities to allow them to tease their followers and fans of any upcoming promotions, shows, specials, etc”, says Joe.

Presently, Teezr is targeted at anyone that enjoys and loves to constantly send picture messages. However, majority of their users are mainly college students and couples.

The Monetizing Model!

Joe is planning on monetizing the app by allowing businesses to setup accounts with the app so that they can advertise (tease) directly to the users who follow those specific businesses or interest.

So what are you waiting for? To add more fun and spice to your life, do download this uniquely interesting app now from your app store. Android users we promise that the wait is not long.

For more information on Teerz and to stay updated on their Android release, make it a point to visit: www.teezr.co

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