Tenderfoot Reconnects Co-travelers Without An Internet Connection!

The best part of exploring a new land is connecting with strangers. We not only experience new culture and language but also meet people around the world. Tenderfoot brings in a chance to unite with your fleeting encounters while traveling.

Blissfully, the app does not need internet connect as it is built on Quick Response Code. It is aptly built for travelers to avoid abrupt network. The QR has mostly used for reading the two dimensional bar code,it is now diagnosed to effectively use on flourishing different technologies.How convenient!


Introducing the Pioneers

Lucas Lovell
Mitch Pascoe
Charles Inglis

The co-founders Lucas ,Mitch and Charles are no mediocre. At the age of 23, the mark is already made. Lucas and Charles are embarking on the final year of law degrees. Mitch works in AV.

“For us, Tenderfoot is a project inspired by the people we’ve met whilst travelling and we are lucky we share it’s vision! Mixing a love of travel with a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship has made the journey a stack of fun and a learning experience we are all embracing with full force”.

How does it Work?

Tenderfoot, albeit in its Minimum Viable Product stage where only the core features that allow the product to be deployed, it enables travelers to capture those connections and give them the opportunity to reignite!

Fundamental to Tenderfoot, however, is the capacity to connect in an offline environment. Very few people travel with data connection plans and thus the moment you step out of your hostel/hotel WiFi zone, your ability to connect becomes more difficult/impossible.

Tenderfoot uses a simple QR code method to link accounts, a connection is set up without the internet. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in an underground bar, in an airplane or skiing the slopes of Colorado. Tenderfoot has you covered. In addition, It is incorporated other great features that enable you to add trips, sort your connections (it’s called stamps!) into certain trips, see who’s nearby at a later date, build maps and stay in touch.


From the Founders

“Mitch and I were traveling through France and went out to some bars with a bunch of people from our hostel dorm. We had a great night, but awoke the next morning and they were all gone. We had nothing but first names and an impossible Facebook search ahead of us. We realized that moving around whilst traveling isn’t like what it is at home where we have Internet 24/7″. The need to use an app like ‘Tenderfoot’ was apprehended.


Backpackr, Tripr, Outbound and few other traveler apps having a unique selling point though, simply connect with those you’ve met.Undeniably, Facebook remains a popular social network for travelers and thus it stands as a major competitor.

Features expected in the Future

Tenderfoot promises to have a impeccable User Interface. Users can expect travel advice and tips. It is improved the quality of travel services.

To connect with the passing voyagers around you, login at: http://www.tenderfootapp.com/

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