‘TheFitCrowd’, let’s personal trainers monitor their clients’ food and workout habit

I really do believe that the fitness market is the future, it’s the only market that, at some point in our lives, we will all be slaves to. Fitness is an integral part of being a living, breathing human being, as without it, we wouldn’t be living or breathing for very long!
I’ve always said that technology will turn fitness from a 100 billion dollar industry, into a 1 trillion-dollar industry. The reason for my bold claims is simple – technology is making exercise more of a science. This means, as users, we are able to track our gains visually (through apps and websites), which means we can identify areas in which we can improve.

Until now, I don’t believe that this technology has been particularly useful to personal trainers and fitness instructors – but that is about to change. A new service called TheFitCrowd is getting ready to launch.
The service is integrated with many of the worlds favourite fitness apps – including RunKeeper and Fitbit. The data from these apps is pulled into your personal fitness dashboard, which allows you to visually track your progress towards your fitness goals. You can also share your dashboard with your friendship group, sparking a competition & driving each other to work harder and smarter in the gym. This does, of course, lend itself to being a strong, supportive community, whereby members help each other through the difficult process that is weight loss.
This works as a particularly strong solution for personal trainers, who are able to track all of their clients progress from one screen. They can see exactly what each client has been eating & what exercise they’ve been doing. This lets them give much more personal and tailored advice than they are currently able to do.
This is the way I see the fitness industry going, I mean, who doesn’t want highly personalised health & fitness advice?

You can register your interest for this service here: http://thefitcrowd.co.uk/

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