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Day by day we come across new gadgets and in the process we forget the roots of our culture and traditions that define us. Watches these days are either digital or quartz while mechanical watches have their own share of prominence among the people. Toolwatch helps watch lovers around the world to measure and track the accuracy of their watches. Mechanical watches need to be maintained well and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the accuracy of the watch.

“Mechanical watches are maybe one of the only topics where tradition and innovation are being that much associated in the tech world right now. It’s amazing to witness how both smart watches and mechanical watches (which some consider opposite) are on a huge trend right now. We also want to educate people on mechanical watches. Some 100$ watches (hello there Seiko 5!) can be more accurate than even Tourbillon watches from leading watchmaking companies.” Marc Montagne

(c) Toolwatch
(c) Toolwatch

Imagine you buy an expensive watch and you want to make sure it is working perfectly fine in terms of accuracy then Toolwatch would be the perfect platform or website that could help you to keep track of it. Founded by three Frenchmen Marc Montagne, Vincent Satiat and Mathieu Nayrolles their goal is to share the passion they have for accurate timepieces with the world and also to improve the experience of owning a mechanical watch. Marc and Vincent have known each other since their school days while Mathieu was the best man for the weeding and that’s how all three of them got together and decided to come up with this venture.

How did you arrive at this idea?

“I wanted to know the accuracy of my watch, I used to compare it with an atomic clock but it was not convenient and I had to do the maths of my own. I then thought of doing it through an excel file that would automate the whole process. I shared this file with my friends that starting using a lot and then thought of improving the whole experience and sharing it to the world through a website.” Marc Montagne

Switzerland alone had exported around 30 million watches over the past one year, that’s approximately worth two billion dollars. The goal for Toolwatch is to reach out to all these people who are using mechanical watches and provide assistance to maintain them with the help of their mobile app or the website which would be easily available for everyone.

Customer acquisition seems to be the biggest challenge so far and the main competitors are Twixt iOS app which is not free and also  not very reliable, hence Toolwatch wants to be the best available platform for the users.

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