Tour lets you trail your own journey

It is greatly said by Hans Christian Andersen, “To travel is to live.” Traveling indeed makes life exciting and worth exploring. For me, traveling is following my own path to discover and make memories over the world. To make traveling tractable, use the new ‘Tour’ App!

Tour is a mileage tracking application for iPhone users. Tour implants an automatic travel tracking widget into pocket (your phones); it is the simplest way to keep a record of your mileage. Tour is the first mileage log, which lets you share your rides with your friends.


Wolfgang Brandhuber
Mario Breid
Thomas Einwaller

Tour is a product made by troii Software GmbH- an Austrian Software Startup. “Besides Tour, we also have, as main product– time & mileage tracking solution.” The development on Tour and timr is completely bootstrapped, without any VC money.

The bright Idea

The idea tinkered from the makings of timr-A classic app for manually recording of journeys in 2008.This is sustaining but not fascinating, nobody really enjoys the usual mileage tracking. The fact was a royal revelation!

The brainstorming caused experiments on GPS based mileage tracking. “We had developed an algorithm which only recorded the movements of car in motion while filtering out movement on foot”. By 2012, the app was conceived as a redefined mileage log. Instead of taking away the pleasure from being on tour, the app contributes to the pleasure by sharing your journey with those at home. However, the biggest challenge was limited resources –the ‘time and money’ factor.


The Striking Features and Competition

Mileage Tracking is excruciating. Tour is remarkable because it does everything automatically to ease your tour. Besides that, it’s has a pleasant and extremely straight forward UI.

The automatic mileage logging Apps mainly, Triplog are the competition to face in the market.

Strategies for Expansion and Monetization

It is expected flourish in other iOS (Android, Windows Phone) as well.
By far, a car-connected model can evolve it as a profound technology.

It a paid App (InApp Purchase), so the users, will contribute towards the capitalization. The SaaS Model ( integration) enables the subscriptions as well.

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