Use BlogIn for efficient internal communication at your company!

BlogIn is an easy-to-use, web-based internal blogging platform focused on improving communication and information flow within a team or a company. Founded by Milos Dakic, a software developer with 15 years of experience in web development, Blogin helps teams and companies share their internal news and create searchable database of knowledge to make it available for any team member at any point of time. Milos’s team consists of developers and designers. They have been working together for the last 6 years and BlogIn was started as a side project.

In Milos’s own words, BlogIn helps “teams and companies improve their internal communication”. It performs the following functions –
– helps teams and companies share information between team members in an easier and more efficient way.
– encourages team members to share their knowledge and expertise in a way that invites collaboration, yet doesn’t disrupt the workflow.
– helps teams speed up internal communication and boost collaboration on a daily basis.


“We created BlogIn out of our own need for collaboration tool that’s simple and fun to use, easy to set up, and that enables us to improve daily internal communication and information flow inside our team.” Milos tells us. When asked about the challenges that they had to face, he says, “The biggest challenge was to find time to work on startup, which meant to stop doing client work for a while and focus 100% on startup. At first we tried doing it in parallel, but it did not work.”

The lack of inter-team and inter-company communication can affect team’s productivity and hurt the company in the long run. BlogIn “can fill those blind spots in internal company communication”. While BlogIn excels at keeping all team members up-to-date on information that’s important, it’s not enough for a meeting.

Slack, HipChat, Melcrum, Yammer are some of the competitors for BlogIn. “All of these companies are offering solutions for internal communication inside a company.” Milos admits. However, he adds, “Our solution is taking slightly different angle, looking at it from internal blog perspective. BlogIn is also more lightweight, easier to use, easier to set-up and maintain, and offered at significantly lower price”.

BlogIn has had a great retention rate among its current users, which indicates that the customers value it. “Our target market is very broad, it is not limited by location or even by profession. Our target audience is any company or a team that has the need to share information internally between team members.” Milos tells us.

BlogIn is currently operating on a SaaS model. One can choose among monthly and yearly plans. BlogIn is right now available at a very low price. The team is constantly getting user-feedback and is “looking for product/market fit.”

“We offer 14 day free trial of our service. We are also willing to extend that period if user needs more time to test, they just need to ask.” says Milos.

Go get your free trial right away at !

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