Edgar Spotlights On Your Unseen Posts In Social Media

Statistics have revealed, the organic reach for Facebook pages dropped down to about 6% last year. The half-life of a tweet is only 24 minutes. Frankly, with so many things flaunting over the social medias, it has become arduous to get hold of an users’ attention

Edgar has come up with a great way to schedule your posts so that it doesn’t get censored by other posts. It is an automated scheduling tool that is shaped to take over the  social media updates and spool them as much possible. It is just few months old, but you bet it’s going to captivate the entire  social media vogue.


Know how it works

Edgar allows users to upload their status updates in advance, the post is lined up in a queue and published at the pre-set time. Unlike other tools, Edgar preserves all of your updates in an online library that grows cumulatively.

Your updates are categorized, which the tool uses to automatically fill and refill the queue, so you can consistently post a variety of update types. To be precise, after an update gets posted, it gets sorted back into the library, so that it can posted  again in the future. The succession makes the posts visible to the newly login members as well.

 Formulating It From The Scratch

Laura Roeder founded Edgar.

“My social media marketing strategy has always been to write and upload updates in advance, and to reuse them over time so they can be seen again and again by new people. There were no tools that allowed you to easily do that, so I decided to create one.”

The Defined Features

Edgar undertakes  to help those, who spend too much time on social media marketing without achieve results . It’s harder than ever to gain the heed of the users, no matter how interesting post it is. People spend their precious time in writing, uploading, and scheduling an endless stream of brand new updates only for those updates to barely get noticed.

Edgar is prepared to cope with these scenarios by saving all of the updates in an online library and automatically posting them  time and again. It means that no post ever goes to unnoticed, every update gets another chance to reach the users. It is an effortless tool for social media marketers as they can spend least time in the endless cycle which means they can spend more time ,interacting live with their followers.

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The Competition and Expansion

Other scheduling tools out there, like Buffer or Hootsuite do share the common maxim but Edgar definitely works differently. It supports a different strategic model  which is efficient in scheduling.

Edgar is curving into the best possible version of itself! The users feedback are considered to make Edgar work better than ever. Currently, it is undergoing changes on a regular basis. “We’re always learning about the different ways people use Edgar and the functions they would find useful.”

The Targeted Users

Edgar has different tiers of subscriptions, it could serve a huge range of different people all around the world. At one end, it targets a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs, at other end it caters client-serving marketing agencies. Edgar is also used  to manage the clients’ accounts.

Monetization Scheme

Edgar is a SaaS product with three different levels of subscriptions, starting at $49/month.

 To know more about Edgar, visit: http://meetedgar.com/

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