LaunchSky Endorses Yet To Be Launched Products!

While I was interviewing few successful entrepreneurs, a common answer echoed, “After a grand loss and tussle, we figured out what the market actually consents.” The bottom line is risk-taking without the proper knowledge of market syntax is a dangerous game.

It is anyway better to consult your inbuilt ideas with smarter community than to wonder into a death valley of menace. If you are convinced that your product needs to undergo recommendation phase, feel lucky to have LaunchSky around you.

It is a tool to ask a community of app-crazy techies: “Do people really need this to be made?”


A company called DarwinApps is the Godfather of LaunchSky. At its early phase, LaunchSky solely revaluated upcoming products by DarwinApps. It was formulated to find out legitimate need of products in the markets.

“We saw LaunchSky as a way to test the quality of our own internal product ideas,” said Vlad – the CEO.

It provides sentient to people specially the pitching entrepreneurs, with instant feedbacks on their products. Now, there is an answer to: Should I invest my time, money, life, into building this next product? The best part is community of users will test and vote your products instead of critics.

187bz7v2ow7myjpg gives quite a close competition to LaunchSky. ProductHunt is for the finished product. I bet none other than LaunchSky will give you feedbacks at the prototyping phase.

Empowering LaunchSky into a great shape is the next move! We can expect a freemium model in near future. With such credibility to vet out new ideas and isolate the best ones or drop the worst one, LauchSky has a big fat chance of monetizing itself.

Entrepreneurs and visionaries with innovation are welcomed to pitch their ideas and evaluated it’s stand in the market.

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To know more about it, checkout the website:


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