Use Vero to build effective relationships with customers

Vero is a “triggered email platform”. It helps businesses track their customers and trigger emails based on their behaviour. Chris Hexton and James Lamont “entered a startup incubator with an idea that ultimately failed.” They pivoted, and thus Vero was born. This video explains it better than I ever could –” says Jimmy Daly, the Marketing Director on the team and on how it all started.

Vero is a very effective way to build relationships with customers. The founders knew that “behavioural tracking was gaining traction and wanted to be part of that movement.” James wanted to build a tool for developers and Chris wanted to build a tool for marketers. “Vero is both, since the installation and event tracking is handled by developers but it’s ultimately a marketing tool.” says Jimmy. He adds, “Everyone’s inbox is too busy. Promotional emails don’t work. Vero helps businesses sends emails that people actually want by adding context.”

Being totally unknown in the market with no money to spend on marketing was the biggest hurdle for Vero. Jimmy says, “We invested all our time in the product and slowly built a blog to educate potential users. We need to educate people on why sending massive email blasts is ineffective before they understand why Vero is so powerful.”

Vero has “direct competitors” like and Intercom but it is also competing with the big guys like MailChimp. Vero is currently hiring several developers and a designer. “We plan to focus all our energy on making the product as good as it can possibly be.” Jimmy tells us.

Vero’s target audience is SaaS and e-commerce businesses interested in lifecycle marketing, onboarding and CRM.

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