Why are Enterprise Instant Messaging software more common these days

Enterprise Instant Messaging is a common term that people throw around in a corporate . With several tech giants serving the platform, every organization has one. Before we dig deeper into the topic, here’s a quick look at what communication and messaging was before the instant messaging era.

Before the smartphone era, instant communication wasn’t even a term, let alone it exist. With just phone calls and emails serving as communication platforms, communication wasn’t really instant and their absence wasn’t really felt. Wonder why? They were never thought to be a possibility.

Thanks to the internet and the tech bloom with smart phones and mobile applications. Communication couldn’t be more instant. From video calls to instant texting and file transfers, everything users would need to have a real-time, in-person like conversation was just a click away. And with mobile applications, users don’t even have to get to their desktop computers. They can now start a conversation and have instant shares from anywhere and at anytime.

While instant messaging services were connecting anyone to anywhere with just a few clicks, business enterprises still had to stick to the decade old communication systems – email and phone calls. Both of which were neither instant nor dependable in contacting a colleague not at office. As for file transfers, yes emails served a great platform. Then again they weren’t instant. And in an era where everything from getting a taxi ride back home to booking an appointment with the masseuse is instant, organizations had to come up with a solution to have a simple platform to make their communication not just effective but also instant.

And since a number of instant messaging apps were online already, organizations had their work cut out and had to simply build a platform that isn’t too casual. And enterprise instant messaging software were right what they required.

How can instant messaging replace emails at the workplace?

Like said before, emails were efficient but not updated and there are organizations that still depend on emails. But with personalized instant messaging software for businesses, they won’t have to anymore. With just the software in their smart devices, organizations can have their employees connected to their colleagues at all times; even when on vacation. With just a click, anyone can start a conversation, share files, create teams, have group discussions and do much more.

And as for the question why instant messaging software are becoming more common among enterprises? Here are a few scenarios where the software proves more efficient than emails, phone calls and even in-person meetings.

Ever had any unauthorized personnel overhear or even eavesdrop on a confidential conversation? With the software they won’t be anymore. These software come with secure features right from registering at them, where employees are allowed to register only through an authenticated email invite. After which they can join the organization’s conversation by adding personal details and creating their own profiles.

Once done with creating profiles, users can then start a conversation with any registered colleague. Not just private messages; with multiple channels, users can create groups, add colleagues to it or join existing teams and have a group conversation with the whole team whenever necessary.

Isn’t it quite common that you mail in a colleague and await a reply for hours and get one only after reminding him/her through a phone call? But with these software you no more have to. Whenever users receive a message or a file, they are instantly notified like in any normal instant messaging platform and can reply to a query, provide suggestions and join conversations right away.

Even with instant notifications, the platform would prove useless when the employee does not have access to his/her smart device or have to switch to their mobile phone every time a message pops up at  the software. But since these software come as both mobile applications and desktop versions, users can always stay connected, be it from their work stations or the cafeteria. Even from home. All they have to do is simply login at the software.

Both the versions work in sync and when a user makes any change to his profile at the app; the changes are updated in his profile at the desktop version as well. From received messages and ongoing conversations to shared files and resuming discussions; users can stay updated on any activity at the software in both versions of it at all times.

Haven’t you mailed a colleague and awaited reply for long hours only to figure out that he/she is not at his/her work station? Never a case with the these instant messaging software. As in any instant messaging app, the software displays the status or availability of a colleague – online at the app or not; viewing which users can choose to start conversations accordingly.

Remember the number of times we had to scroll through miles of conversation threads to get to a message or a file a colleague had shared days ago? At the software, all you have to do is mention the name of the file and the software would get you to it right away. A simple search feature with which users can view or access any file or message shared at the file quite easily.

A special feature for those team heads and managers. Since users can create groups and have team conversations anytime; managers can create as many teams they require and adding their associates to them, can manage team operations, receive work updates and assign tasks from wherever they are. Team management would have never been this simple.

Most of these instant communication software come integrated with several applications corporate organizations normally use and users or employees won’t have to get to another platform to share files from another software anymore.

And as for answering the question; enterprise instant messaging software are in every way fitting to replace all traditional communication systems. No wonder organizations have started replacing emails with them. Why will they rely on decade old communication systems when technology has more efficient ones to offer?

But there is one drawback organizations have to put up with. These software aren’t cost efficient. Corporate industries are required to pay hefty sums for subscribing to the software. The larger the organization, the more they had to pay.

But with the team communication software GroupRocket; they won’t have to worry about subscription charges anymore.

GroupRocket comes as turnkey software that businesses can simply purchase, customize and have an instant messaging app exclusively for their organization. No more hefty subscription charges or having to depend on other businesses to run theirs. And authorizing clients, this software can also be used as a platform for employee – customer interaction and support. Integrated with online payment features, the software can also assist entrepreneurs start an instant messaging service for multiple organizations.

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