Adventure Local Lets You Connect With Local Guides While Traveling!

You haven’t lived a full life if you haven’t traveled and explored our great big world. There are so many places to go to and so many places to see. However, the big question is how do you explore a city when you are a stranger to the land? How do you make the most of the city’s culture? Well to have that memorable experience that sticks with you forever all you need to do is get a local guide. Remember it is only the locals that can help you absorb the essence of the beautiful city you are in currently.

How do you find them? Well do not worry; there is a new online application in town called Adventure Local. This app helps travelers to connect with locals to find unique adventure travel experiences. That’s not all; with this app, you can also book various travel adventures.

Adventure Local Lets You Connect With Local Guides While Traveling!

Meet The Geniuses Behind It All!

Adventure Local was conceptualized and co-founded by travel junkies Christopher Knight, Jonathan Maser and Shayan Dhanani.

The team has collectively traveled to nearly 100 countries. Their travel escapades is what made then realize firsthand that there are gaps in the adventure travel market. Unfortunately local guides and adventure outfitters who offer better experiences are out-competed by larger foreign owned tourism operators.

Thus the team by creating Adventure Local has taken it upon themselves to create a highly scalable web platform for the world’s adventure travelers, and guides to connect and book custom adventure trips.

Know A Little More About The App!

Adventure Local tackles the problem arising from the side effect of high tourism growth. The team through this online application is building a community of adventurous travelers wherein people can directly connect with experienced guides who know their local areas, and have a passion for sharing their adventure activities. For the local guides, this online app also finally offers a platform to attract tourists.

The Driving Force!

It all started when Jonathan was travelling through Vietnam. He was having a very difficult time finding good local adventure experiences that he felt good about contributing his money towards. After meeting a local guide who took him windsurfing at half the rate of the larger tourist trap operators, Jonathan decided to create a platform wherein local guides could upload, market, and sell their trips online.

Adventure Local Lets You Connect With Local Guides While Traveling!

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

For the team creating a user experience that was simple enough for any technical level to use, while still achieving the high technical capabilities of an international marketplace has been their biggest hurdle.

In terms of competition, TripAdvisor, TheClymb and Rezdy do pose as potential competitors. However, all these tackle only a single problem out of the whole set the local guides face. Further, with Adventure Local, a local guide can have an adventure online and bookable in about 15 minutes.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“We have been working with a lot of travel bloggers to expand our network of travelers, and we are most excited about the feature that allows for a completely customized itinerary through the platform. Say you see a guide that offers sailing tours, and your family wants to have a custom boat day with this local captain. You will be able to fully communicate & customize a unique adventure easily through the platform”, says the team.

At the moment, Adventure Local is mainly targeted towards adventure travelers in US that are aged between 20 to 35 years. However, this app since its launch has also gained a lot of interest from international travelers in Europe who are looking for more authentic cultural experiences when they travel.

Monetizing Plan!

“We offer two plans for our guides. First one is a free-to-upload / commission model of 15% on successful bookings whereas the second one is a $49 / month membership that gives a guide access to all our features and unlimited adventure uploads”, says the team.

Well to sum everything up perfectly, if you are an adventure traveler that wishes to explore a new city in its true essence, then find local guides on the site now.

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