6 Big Branding Trends in 2015

With 2014 behind us, we now turn our heads towards more promising 2015, and hope for it to be inventive, inspiring. Many companies keep promising that things will change, and many new trends have come to life. Sometimes it feels quite difficult to predict which branding trends should be watched over in the upcoming year, but in 2015, it is not the case.

2015 will be the era of creativity, and more and more branding trends will bring that breeze of fresh air.



Here are the things that we should look after:

Uniqueness: Every customer will want to be unique, fully or at least partially. They will require an access to a complete customization and personalization of products and services. More and more customer demands will arise, and this will lead to a complete change in branding trends worldwide.


Emphasized Technology: Mobile and digital in every way shall give customers that feeling of empowerment and possibility, so that each and every customer can feel encouraged. The development of technology will bring a lot of new improvements, especially in the field of branding, for the trends are able to follow as fast as the technology develops.


Customer Service: More and more attention will be turned on satisfying the customers in every way. This includes spreading of product availability, product delivery service, and new and improved customer service, which will be available to the customers 24/7. Notification system will also get improved drastically. Promotional products will have their logos all over them, and the companies will focus on creating the most original ones, for example corporate branded items such as post it notes, or corporate branded pencils, coffee mugs, gaming pads, etc.


Empathy: Brands will focus more on emotions, and strike in the hearts of customers. It is all about becoming driven by the needs and expectations of the customers, and many companies will try to provide their compassion. Many companies will also teach their employees how to try to immerse themselves into the lives of their customers. Engaging with customers, providing that sense of security and trust is essential in this business. As an example, Southwest Airlines put heart into their brand, literally. Identifying the emotional values is crucial for creating a foundation for great positioning among the customers. It is all about being an authentic brand.


More and more cultural diversity: With an increased ethnic growth, brand and retailers will have to integrate a culture-related or cultural brand experience, outlining all types of customs. This is a great thing, and more and more companies will develop international brands, acceptable by all different kinds of people. Not only will this be successful in the field of providing full customer satisfaction, but will also lead to maintaining world peace.


Individuals are the brand: “If you want to create something new, stop doing something old”. This quotation will be the motto of many companies in the upcoming year. More and more companies will try to get friendlier with their customers, by letting them engage in certain activities, such as helping create the company logo, name it, color it, etc. This is a powerful media message, and will strike win with many customers, and have them sense the feeling of “being home”.

2015 will be an incredible year for many companies, followed by some great branding trends. To be honest, we are on the verge of being completely transformed into the world where customers are the epicenter, not the money.

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