Snapwire – Your Virtual Photo Gallery On Request!

Ask the seekers, finding a best shot is lingering effort without the certainty of getting one. For photographer, it takes the long hours of creativity to frame the moment, divinely. If you are a photographer or just photo aficionado, looking to buy the work, Welcome abode to Snapwire!

Snapwire is a platform that connects the new generation of photographers with brands, publishers, small businesses and creatives around the world looking for specific images that is hard to find on traditional stock photo services. It enable people with passion for photography to thrive doing what they like while making it easier for buyers to get custom authentic images that match their vision.


Meet The Creators!

Snapwire is co-founded by Chad Newell and Sky Gilbar.

Chad has worked in stock photography industry for 17 years. He also co-founded Media Bakery – a premium stock photography agency with 10 million images aggregated from 170 sources that offers all licensing models (macro stock, mid stock, and micro stock). The entrepreneur also serves as a guest lecturer at The Brooks Institute of Photography, reviewing portfolio work and nurturing graduate students.

Together with the co-founders and talented team of twelve, Snapwire is making remarkable changes in the market.

“I knew something was up when I first downloaded Instagram a few years ago. There were so many talented mobile photographers out there producing great content. And we were thinking, if we could somehow give these photographers a way to sell their images beyond the number of likes they were getting, this would be a hit.” said Chad Newell, CEO & Founder.

Although Instagram was catching on with users, many were using filters to mask the inferior picture quality. The opportunity was there, but Snapwire’s stumbling block was to bide the time until the device itself start to capture at least a 2,500-pixel photo at the highest resolution.

The Problems It Is Solving

The photograph buyers are always on wheels for seeking the right shot which is difficult. The search ultimately gets tired, overpriced stock photos that never feel quite right. To be honest the ‘canned’ looking photos cannot help a brand tell their unique story.

Apart  from the buyers, mobile photographers are also rummaging around for a better realm to earn money like hustling prints, entering long-shot brand photo contests or selling their work on microstock sites that often pay less than 20% on sales. Newer crowd sourcing sites often take half – and the photographer’s copyright.


With Snapwire, photo buyers can launch a custom photo request, set their own price and to cater this 100,000 photographers across 110 countries compete by submitting their best shots. Buyers are delivered unique and authentic images that match their vision. Winning photographers get paid up to 70% of sale, earn points, and level up. It’s a win-win situation.

Authentic photography has been proven to boost engagement and increase conversions by more than 30%, so these photos are in highly demanded.

Snapwire is competing with interfaces like EyeEm, Foap, Scoopshot, Twenty20 and ImageBrief.

The Ongoing Work!

Snapwire recently launched itself in nine others languages and set up an international office. For 2015, the Snapwire team is intending to build relationships with inspired buyers, refine the products and boost the photography community all over the world. We can also expect the key partnership announcements later in the year.


The revenue is generated from 30% of any photo purchased on a request and 50% from any photo that sells in the marketplace. Buyers can optionally purchase an exclusivity for an additional fee. “We are also planning to launch subscription based plans for photo buyers soon,” revealed the co-founders.

The targeted audience includes brands, publishers, small businesses, and creatives around the world looking for specific images that they can’t find through traditional stock photo services, as well talented photographers who produce beautiful authentic content.

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