7 Scripts That Will Help You Build A Live Video Streaming Application!

Live streaming script like Zoom Clone and Periscope Clone is the need of the hour as more content creators and businesses are looking for newer platforms that will help them increase the revenue.

If you are looking to start a live streaming platform for creators, we have listed these 7 live video streaming scripts that you can use to get started instantly.

1. Castasy Live Streaming Script (Check Here)

Live streaming script

Castasy is the best live video streaming software that is popular in the market and is accessible on Web, iOS, and Android. The software also comes with its own streaming server and a variety of features that are perfect for anyone getting started or Pro level broadcaster. Castasy’s community building features help you bring in more users to try out your platform. It also has monetization options that let you earn recurring revenue when users purchase a plan or upgrade their storage.  The team also offers installation services for a nominal fee.

Key features:

One-touch broadcast: Easiest & quickest broadcast option using the previous settings.

Live streaming page: Stream live video updates all make them available for viewing later.

Record stream: Broadcasters can live stream their content and record them simultaneously. All the content is stored securely in the platform’s own cloud.

Memberships: Broadcasters can offer free and premium content that will be accessible only to paid users.

Streaming Server: The streaming server is built on the NGINX RTMP live streaming protocol. NGINX server provides multicast support and it also supports the protocols, HLS, RTMO, and MPEG-DASH. And as an added advantage the server handles 10,000 concurrent connections.

With Castasy no buyer has to depend on other broadcasters for streaming their events and with the social integration feature, the software offers the user’s twitter followers are notified when you start streaming. And the users also have the facility to share the video on Facebook. Any number of streams can be viewed from the browser and the URL can be shared on the internet that pulls in more visitors.

How do you broadcast on the Live Streaming Script?

Step 1: On the live streaming script, you log in to the web or app.

Step 2: Choose if you want to broadcast for a private audience or make it open for anyone to join with the link.

Step 3: Once you have entered the title of the broadcast, the product then generates the live streaming URL

Step 4: Now Tap on “Broadcast Live” and the live streaming begins for people to participate.

How do you make money using this software?

We’ve integrated three improved revenue streams for the script.

Subscription: When a user subscribes a plan, you will make money and the amount is sent to the Paypal or Stripe account you have chosen.

Sponsored Video Ads: Get sponsored advertisements videos to place between pre-roll and post-roll placements.

Banner Ads: Prominent Banner Ads on the landing page and the user accounts page is also a good source of revenue.

2. Zoom Clone Script (Check here)

The Zoom Clone Script is a great option for hosting Webinars, meetings, and e-learning sessions. The live streaming script streams videos in HD quality videos to the largest audience possible across any internet-connected device. This is done with a streamlined workflow. This Zoom clone has in a way revolutionized the way in which meetings are conducted and offers the best possible convenience and a near-lag free experience for those attending it. Thanks to its robust backend server technology.

Key Features: Some of the key features of this live streaming script include On-demand meeting setup, schedule meetings, secure virtual meeting rooms, group chat, recording of the meeting, and much more. It works on the widest array of devices. As a user, anyone can conduct a meeting and each meeting room will have a Meeting ID that is unique and secure. The Zoom clone also throttles the video to enable a seamless meeting experience.

3. Gentle Ninja Meerkat Turnkey App Script (check here)

Live streaming script

Meerkat app is the latest buzz in town! It surely has expanded the scope of live video streaming services. With it, users can now broadcast live streams right from their mobile phones. So if you are someone who wants to develop your very own Meerkat like app, then this Meerkat Clone Script is all that you need. The script is easy to install and can be set up in an hour.

Key Features: Some of the key features include social login, live streaming so that users can live stream anything instantly to their followers, re-stream, scheduling, follow, record live streams, an awesome admin panel, and much more. It has extensive social sharing and follower increasing functionalities and advertisement modules that can help your business sustain.

4. Gentle Ninja Periscope Turnkey App Script (Check Here)

Zoom Clone Script

Periscope Clone is yet another live streaming script app. Its popularity was such that Twitter just couldn’t resist its temptation to acquire it for USD $100 million. Users can use this app to watch and broadcast any videos. Gentle Ninja’s Periscope clone script is scalable and takes advantage of modern streaming technologies and front end frameworks to offer the viewers a great viewing experience.

Key Features: This app has a host of awesome features. However, some of the best ones include Twitter and Facebook login, video commenting, and live streaming of videos. It also provides the user with the option to record, follow, and re-stream videos. It has an easy to use interface for users of this script and a robust admin panel that allows the admin to control and moderate the app effectively and efficiently.

5. Red5

periscope clone script

This media streaming server is an open-source that is implemented in Java. It offers all the services similar to those offered by Adobe Flash Media Server. Red5 is maintained at GitHub and is available under the Apache License. When it comes to using open-source server software, Red5 is the most stable one. However, this free software is limited when it comes down to security options.

Key Features: Red5 will effortlessly let your users’ stream video, audio, and recordings. It also offers sharing options, live stream video, and audio publishing.

6. Live TV Stream Script

Live stream script

Want to run your very own website with a TV stream? Then this is the Live streaming script for you! The script empowers the administrator with many amazing features that will help them create an awesome Live TV Stream website. The script is compatible with browsers IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, and Opera Chrome. Further, it also includes JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files.

Key Features: Users can watch the free stream, share, and like it. They can also browse streams by category and change the time zone and time format. On the other hand, admin can add, edit or delete streams, categories, and footer pages. They can also set the duration of the stream, use Google analytics code, manage site banner by Google AdSense code, and do much more.

7. Live Streaming Script for TV

Meerkat Clone script

Internet TV and live streaming of videos are here to stay. If you are someone who wants to stay ahead of the curve and also make tons of moolah in the process then all you need to do is use this script. Using this script, you can instantly start a TV platform with multiple channels that people can view and subscribe too. You can now build a kickass website with this script or you can add it as a subsection to an existing site.

Key Features: This script has over 2,000 TV channels in its database and the TV stream updates are done free of cost. There are 15 different categories of TV channels with 105 different countries’ channels included. That’s not all; it also includes a powerful embed feature, massive video search section, and much more.

These are the best live streaming scripts that we’ve come across in the market. If you have anything to add, do let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live streaming script?

A ready-made live stream script allows anyone to start a video streaming platform instantly. People can use the platform for a variety of reasons. They can host an interview, host a music gig, connect with friends & family, or host workshops online with multiple participants at the same time.

How easy is it to install the Php webcam live streaming script?

The live stream script has an installation manual that walks you through the entire installation process step by step on how to install the script. It should be fairly easy to set up with the help of your developers, as the steps may be known to them already.

My developer team is limited, can you folks customize the Open Source webinar recording software?

We’d love to customize the live stream script for you. Please get in touch with the team to take this forward.

Do you recommend any server that I can use for this Castasy live stream script?

We normally recommend Amazon AWS as it allows flexibility to scale up the server tier in case you need it. In addition to that, AWS has a whole ecosystem of products like CDN, colocation, and other important security products like WAF, etc that can help secure the script from some of the known threats.

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