Working 2 jobs simultaneously half-way across the world, this duo created Radar app

Simon Bob and Danny Witters met in college while pursuing their degrees in Canadian Studies at McGill and stayed in touch ever since. They had to go separate ways as they had to pursue their career. During February, 2015 they started working on a side project that went on to become Radar, an app that allows you to connect your contacts with social media, email, and blogs. 

“Radar sorts your contacts by their latest activity, not the alphabet. In the digital age, it is way more compelling to know when the people you follow and know last posted relevant updates.”, said Simon Bob.


The idea for Radar came about when 2 of their college friends, Ema and Hyie, were getting married. A lot of updates they shared were through Twitter & Instagram. It was only weeks after visiting their page directly, Danny realized that he had missed out on a lot of posts & updates.

“It highlighted an issue we all face, the inability to organize and keep up-to-date in today’s digital space.”, Danny added. 

Danny was working 2 jobs simultaneously while collaborating with Simon half way around the world, to create the app.

They believe that their solution is simple and helps you keep up with the people’s updates that you care about.

Radar is for anyone who consumes a lot of social media, email, and blogs. Take for example, People who find it hard to keep up with the amount of content thrown at them daily, people who work in the field of Journalism who are required to keep up with a lot of information. Monetization isn’t their point of focus at this time.

To try out the app, Download Radar App .

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