Stashword app keeps the passwords for your day to day services safe and secured

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, isn’t it? This quote holds so much truth in this case with Tapash Majumder.

With hundreds of things that he needed to remember, mostly passwords, ATM pin numbers, credit card, account numbers and more which are such a vital part of our life and also unsatisfied with existing password managers he decided to create one. To make this idea into a reality he quit his really great job at SailPoint. A liquidation event at SailPoint enabled him to take this leap and finance Stashword.


He’s the primary developer with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Kansas and experience Identity and Access Management field for having worked for several year. The company also has two other very competent founders who help with design and marketing.

Originally slated to be named as “Simple Password Vault” but they later renamed it as stashword to keep it short and catchy.

Their philosophy about making password management simple and accessible to tech newbies. Stashword is secure enough for the pros and easy enough for the newbies. It is the only password manager which lets you securely login to Stashword using your Facebook credentials (they will be adding more third party logins such as Twitter in the future).

This is like a two factor authentication without anyone even being aware of it or having to do anything additional. The encryption key or the ‘Stashword’ is separate from your login. This means even if by any unfortunate means any hacker somehow obtains access to your Facebook account he can’t unlock your vault.

The great thing about this approach is that it’s not only more convenient but also secure.

It’s also the only password manager which lets you organize your passwords by tags. You can have multiple tags for a single password such as ‘Work’ and ‘Windows login’ unlike other password managers where one can only group by folders so you are forced to either choose ‘Work’ or ‘Windows login’ folder for the password.

This app comes with a tons of features including an auto closing vault lock which automatically locks your vault after 30 minutes (this default behavior can be changed in settings).

Their primary competitors are established password managers such as LastPass, 1Password and Dashlane. They charge at least 10 times as much as Stashword.

Stashword provides a cheaper alternative their pricing model has no complicated tiers and no-per device fees. It is either free for basic services or it is just one simple fee of $0.99 per year for access to all their services. They don't save credit card information or auto-renew your membership.

They focus mainly on general users but believe that their product will appeal to the enthusiasts and developers as well. It’s a global product which has users from different continents.

Mr Majumder says, “We sincerely believe we can become profitable, sustainable and rapid-growing organically, there is always the other exit possibility of some big company acquiring Stashword. I can think of many companies such as Facebook (we allow users to Authorize using Facebook), Dropbox, Evernote or even Google for whom a company like Stashword would be very valuable”.

This would allow companies like Facebook Dropbox etc. to provide a ‘landing page’ from where one can login to all other accounts and you don’t have do anything extra other than to lock/unlock your vault using your Stashword.

So for all of you out there with trouble remembering your passwords, do give Stashword a try!

Comment and let us know how you like it!

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