Bloopit makes Curating Youtube Clips a bliss

Michael Gitter the founder of Bloopit, Inc. is from N.Y.C.  but has based his company in Miami.  He’s previously had a successful career worked in advertising and is no stranger to start-ups, as he’s also responsible for creating [email protected] RACKS free postcards, and other successful businesses.


Bloopit is a new video editing and sharing app that allows anyone to clip the best part of any video on YouTube and turn it into a bite-size :22 second or less clip which users can then watch or share with friends and on social media.

It all began around January 2013 when Gitter was eager to show his friends a specific clip from one of his favorite TV shows. In having to wait to get to his desired spot, the idea of chopping any YouTube video into a highlight came to him.  Bloops are clips long enough to feature your favorite parts and punch lines of anything on YouTube.  But they’re also short enough to let you watch a lot of highlights in a short amount time.

Gitter recounts, “As with all start-ups funding our project is a constant hurdle. But the real challenge we’ve faced was integrating a third-party API that also functions quickly and smoothly and provides a solid user experience”.

Bloopit’s users select clippings from YouTube and curate it for others to watch, thereby cutting down the process of searching for the best content online. This also builds a huge library of user-generated highlights – quick, quality content clips for a growing community of video lovers.

Gitter’s confident that right now they’re the only app on the market doing what they’re doing, giving people the tools to edit and share highlights from all of their favorite content on YouTube.

Bloopit app launches on Android this month, and its website will allow for the making and sharing of Bloops.  They will also be launching in several international App Stores soon.

“Our app is for anyone that enjoys video, but we really hit home for true fans and creators of online content.  They are in talks with a number of US YouTube creators about becoming Brand Ambassadors for Bloopit and helping spread the word that Bloopit is a community for YouTubers and their fans.  At the moment we’re concentrating on the US and Canada but have every intention to hit international markets in due time.” he adds.

They are currently seeking investors and will be monetizing with paid advertising on the app.


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