Get Peeky for Carefree Sharing of Photos & Videos!

Do you want to share fun photos or videos with your friends or that special someone but do not want to have permanent record of it? Then people it’s time to move past Snapchat and Instagram as there is soon going to a kick-ass mobile app called Peeky hitting your app store.

This unique app is a perfect mash up of various other photo sharing apps as it offers users with some really awesome features. Peeky is a great platform to share moments with a reassurance that your post is not permanent.

Get Peeky for Carefree Sharing of Photos & Videos!

Meet The Power Team!

Peeky was conceptualized and co-founded by Scott Taylor and Evan Yu.

Scott has founded and managed a number of technology start-ups both in the consumer and enterprise space. Prior to Peeky, he was the Chief Product Officer at Livedrive, one of Europe’s leading cloud storage providers, assisting with its sale to j2 Global. It was at the age of fifteen when Scott launched his first web business.

Evan has founded and invested in a number of technology startups, predominantly in the gaming space. He also owns a wine business and has a background in private equity.

Know More About Peeky!

Peeky is a content and media app that combines the best of both public and ephemeral sharing. Views on photos and videos, both on the web or mobile are limited to the first 100 people. Your friends don’t need Peeky installed to be able to see what you’re sharing. Once 100 views have been reached the time it took to reach this mark will be recorded and the post with record time is displayed on the leader board.

That’s not all; you can also customize your feed by picking topics that you find interesting. Further, the ‘nearby’ feature of Peeky allows you to discover the world around you.

Further, the team is already on a roll with their awesome app. They have teamed up with the likes of Uber and Starbucks to provide goodies through hidden peeks.

On The Problem It Is Solving Beautifully!

Usually people want to share with a select group of friends or a restricted audience and do not wish to have a permanent record. The team feels that Peeky is playful and fun yet provides the ideal platform for sharing and discovery.

“When you blend both mobile and web together you get an incredibly versatile platform. For example, we can take a picture with Peeky and share it via Twitter or Facebook – it will show a blurred version of the photo, then those who click on the link (don’t have to be users of Peeky) can view the photo! Also, advertisers love us, as we expect them to give something to the users in return. We have hidden “Peeks”, we’ve teamed up with Uber and Starbucks and anyone that discovers their hidden peeks will get a free ride or a free coffee”, says the duo.

Get Peeky for Carefree Sharing of Photos & Videos!

What Inspired it All?

The idea for Peeky came about when Scott had finished at Livedrive and was thinking about what to do next. He wanted to brush up on his knowledge of Objective-­C. When thinking about what to make as his demo product, he looked at the market and saw the likes of Snapchat, Secret and Whisper. This is when he realized that no one had really created a product that was ephemeral yet public.

On Challenges Faced & Competitors

Like most startups, finding the right development team was the team’s biggest challenge. However, they were fortunate enough to find Little Big Make who helped convert Scott’s blotchy experiment into a beautiful slick app.

In terms of competition, Secret, Snapchat, Whisper and FOMO do pose as their direct competitors as these products also have photo sharing space that has an element of ephemerality.

On Expansion Plans & Target Audience

“We are currently expanding to allow users to sign up with Twitter and follow their friends. We are also enabling users to create their own hashtags rather than selecting from a predefined group. Videos are close on the horizon, sharing 10 second clips that disappear after a certain number of people have viewed”, says the team.

Presently, Peeky is targeted at anyone and everyone that wants to have fun sharing photos and videos.

The Monetizing Plan!

The duo plans on monetizing through advertising via hidden perks. They are aware of their target customers as they know users location and what hastags they are subscribing too. Peeky is already partnered with Starbucks and Uber and are in discussions with lots more.

To know more about the app and to stay tuned on their launch, do make it a point to visit:

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