Credihealth takes the pain out of finding the right doctor

Finding the right doctor or hospital can be a headache anywhere, and in India it’s hard to even tell where to begin your search. Credihealth offers an easy-to-use website with the options to search, compare and select doctors, hospitals and treatments providing the relevant solutions. Send your query on the website or request a call back from their team of in-house doctors. Based on your choice of doctor, the team member schedules your appointment. You’re supported throughout your hospitalization journey, regularly following up after the procedure for post-op care or rehab.

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As a former COO of Max Healthcare, Ravi Virmani would get inundated with frantic calls from friends and relatives seeking ‘insider’ information about the best doctor or a hospital that wouldn’t rip them off. These incidences led Ravi to identify a real need in the healthcare industry for widely available credible, reliable, and transparent healthcare information. The trio of founders (including Ravi, Gaurav Gaggar, and Saurabh Uboweja) had similar vision to bring change to the digital healthcare space and this led to the inception of Credihealth. Entering the digital healthcare space – especially in a developing country like India where doctors are approached mostly through word of mouth or recommended through family members – patient hesitation was something to be expected. Building trust among patients and making them believe that their medical problems could now be personally catered to by doctors through the internet was the primary challenge. Five percent of the Indian population has a health issue every month. The Indian environment is largely influenced by the private sector as the Government has lack of resources and ability to fulfill its social role to provide quality healthcare to the people of India. Currently, the healthcare industry is opaque, not easily accessible, out of reach of the common man, and unreliable. Credihealth helps navigate through this complex healthcare system, and they aspire to leverage technology to expand the healthcare boundaries, by enabling easy access for patients. There are a number of healthcare websites helping people book appointments, but as Credihealth’s focal point lies in providing personalized services in guiding its patients to the best hospitalization care, they find themselves to be the only player in the field.  And they already present in five cities, while intending to increase their presence to fifteen cities by the end of 2016. Their business model is quite simple, really – given that they are a source of patients, most of Credihealth’s revenue comes from brand development fees from hospitals.

For Startup Dope readers: Everyone gets Rs. 200 cash back on their first doctor’s appointment through Credihealth.

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